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Miannah Retreats?

Miannah Retreats are transformational events designed to find, improve or reinvent your purpose in life and navigate through your personal healing process. The focus is on restoring your inner peace, balance and harmony through yoga, meditation and chakra healing. You experience mind & body development, as you soak in the beauty and immerse in the culture of the countries we visit. The retreats combine mind, body, and spirit work alongside an exploration of the fascinating local culture; each day is designed in such a way that you will be exposed to both. The programme is based on the chakra system which gives us a daily roadmap to work with.

Check in with yourself…

  • Are you looking for ways to recalibrate your life?
  • Do you feel you are stuck and overwhelmed with everyday challenges?
  • Are you trying to figure out what’s the best way for you to progress?
  • Perhaps you’re in the midst of a major transition?
  • Would you like to improve the quality of your relationship with yourself and others?
  • Are you looking for more balance and harmony in your life?
  • Do you feel like you need some time to distance yourself from your everyday reality?
  • Do you need guidance and supportive environment to facilitate your process?
  • Is the dream of travelling one that you continue to put off?


Wha will happen during the programme?

You will get a chance to explore the deepest recesses of yourself through daily work with energy, chakras, yoga and meditation. Most importantly, during this time, you will be distancing yourself from your daily routine – a vital first step on the path to a healthy body, mind and spirit. We will delve into key processes, emotions and behaviors related to relationships, intimacy, creativity, motivation, different kinds of love, communication, inner energy, and self-expression. You’ll ask yourself many questions and delve into deep insights that your everyday life usually keeps out of reach. You will be enchanted by the fascinating local culture, the delicious healthy cuisine, diverse daily activities, and tranquil morning yoga & meditation sessions.


Each Day We Will…

• Work on each of the 7 individual chakras, understanding their role, symbology, as well as diagnosis, while learning self-healing methods that will increase your chakras’ vibrations

• Be introduced to yoga practice and various meditation techniques, as well as daily pranayama breath work to connect with your inner being

• Actively use mind tools (mantras, affirmations, visualisations) on the way to achieving life fulfillment

• Review your current living situation: Where am I? What stage of life is this? What do I take with me on this journey and what aspects do I want to change?

• Use proven tools to reach your truth and create a solid plan on how to make positive changes in your life

• Take part in fun activities that provide daily contact with breathtaking nature and fascinating local culture, complementing workshop work and broadening the cultural perspective.


Yes, if…

…you want to combine an authentic travel experience with personal development in favorable natural circumstances and amongst people with similar goals

…you are ready to introduce beneficial changes to your life that will bring long-term effects, transforming your world into one in tune with what your heart desires

…somewhere deep down you feel that there is more to life than work from Monday through Friday to repay loans and bills, the mediocre quality of relationships, the pressure of work and social environments

…you are looking for peace, balance and harmony in all aspects of life: health, work, family, relationships, hobbies and passions

…you want to learn more about the body’s natural energy and how to manage it to live life in harmony with yourself

…you are ready to work on yourself, facing challenges of different calibers, as well as reaping the positive breakthroughs this work brings.


The Long-Term Impact?

After the retreat, provided you embrace the new experiences and learnings, you will:

Restore mindfulness & balance to your life and feel more grounded & connected than ever before

Comprehend your heart’s desires and know how to act upon them

Be motivated to begin living a life of intention

Have a number of yoga poses & meditative techniques at your disposal for daily challenges

Understand the body’s natural energy as well as ways to manage it best

Feel more relaxed and rested, yet glowing with new knowledge and experiences

Likely catch the travel bug and become an avid world explorer!

The retreat in Koh Chang was an amazing journey and I recommend it to everyone. Anna created a beautiful environment for change, reflection and restoration of mind, body and spirit. This was the first time I got acquainted with the chakra system and it brought a lot of self-knowledge and understanding to my life. Anna equipped us with various meditative techniques, self-healing exercises and mind activities to find and follow our inner truth and restore life harmony. It was my first trip to Thailand and I absolutely loved it from day one. The multitude of daily activities designed by Anna to support discovery and healing process of every chakra was amazing. Thai cooking classes, Thai massage, snorkelling, exploring Koh Change as well as the neighbouring islands had a truly healing and restorative role in the whole week and I am so happy I could be part of it.

Gosia, Poland

Koh Chang Retreat (Thailand) Participant

Heal, transform & shine. Holistically.

I believe we all have the capacity to heal, transform and shine our light brightly as long as we are willing to do the inner work and have the right tools, support and guidance to do so.


Why work with chakras?

How does changing your life for the best sound? Each chakra governs different processes in our daily experience and operates on a different energy spectrum, or vibration, managing different aspects of our holistic-self. Our emotions, physical condition, and state of mind all affect how each chakra filters energy. This, in turn, determines the type of energy we send out to the world, and what kind of interactions we create, spread, and receive back. Understanding the chakras, as well as the different ways of healing them, can therefore largely contribute to a healthier, more harmonious, and balanced life.


Tools Will We Use?


Yoga Asana

Both sunrise & sunset yoga sessions draw upon carefully chosen asanas to promote either morning stimulation or evening relaxation of the body & mind.


Meditation will be a vital component of each yoga session as you will be guided through powerful techniques to become more mindful and reconnect with yourself.

Breath Work

You will get acquainted with a number of pranayama techniques which will help you clear the mind, oxygenate the body and energise your entire being.



Every day powerful journalling exercises will be used to help you express your emotions, release creative power and connect with yourself on a more intimate level.

Life Coaching

1:1 life & transformational coaching session will help you gain clarity on your current situation and define an optimal strategy moving forward.

Chakra Balancing

A chakra diagnosis to identify energetic blocks will be an important part of the process followed by a chakra balancing session to remove these blocks.

Pranic Healing

Pranic healing will be incorporated both in the yoga classes and in optional 1:1 sessions for an even stronger healing effect.

Sharing Circles

During our opening & closing circles, you will get a chance to connect with other retreat participants and learn from their life experience.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is this retreat for me?

Yes, if you want to combine travel adventure with a truly transformational experience that will allow you to distance yourself from your everyday life, review it and take a different perspective. Yes, if you are ready and willing to face and answer tough questions. Yes, if you want to spend a uniquely authentic week in a truly magical place, working on your mind, body, and spirit.

What does a typical retreat day look like?

There is no “typical” day, as each chakra owns an entirely unique process; however to give you an idea, here is a general outline for one of the days. We begin the day with pranayama, meditation and yoga followed by a nourishing breakfast, giving us all the energy required to work on the day’s chakra until lunch. You then have two hours for yourself to rest or visit nearby areas. The afternoon and evening hours (depending on the day’s program) will be devoted to additional activities aimed at exploring the local culture – all of which are carefully selected to support the healing of particular energy centres. All this will ensure a healthy appetite for a traditional dinner feast.

What's the plan for each of the days of the retreat?

The retreat combines mind, body and spirit work alongside an exploration of the fascinating local culture; each day is designed in such a way that you will be exposed to both. The programme of the retreat is based on the chakra system which gives us a daily framework to work with. We will delve into key processes, emotions, and behaviors such as relationships, intimacy, creativity, motivation, different kinds of love, communication, inner energy, and self-expression. We’ll then explore these in our everyday life and discover new tools to utilise. Each day’s work will go along with carefully planned local activities that will support the healing process and immerse you in the beautiful local culture.

What are chakras?

We’ll explore chakras in-depth during the retreat, but you can think of them as 7 energy centers throughout your body where energy channels intersect and concentrate. Chakras are the hubs of your energy management: they receive it, transform it and transmit it further. The programme of the retreat is based on the chakra system which gives us a daily roadmap to work with. Every day we will work on each of the 7 individual chakras, understanding their roles and meanings.  We’ll also conduct a personal diagnosis and learn self-healing methods that will increase your chakras’ vibrations in everyday life.

How do you select places for your retreats?

Carefully – to answer with only one word. I believe that some places serve us better than others. And the rich energy offered by certain locations around the world combined with the activation of inner body energy and meditation has a great transformative power. Therefore, as I travel the world, I look for these special places in both Europe, Asia, and the Americas. I investigate them intensely to provide the best possible experience for my guests.

How do Miannah retreats differ from other yoga retreats?

Miannah retreats are not typical yoga retreats; I place a strong focus on chakras and employ a wide spectrum of tools and techniques to facilitate your transformation, yoga asanas being an important yet small part of what you will learn and experience. While some retreats consist of a morning and evening yoga practice and a lot of ‘on your own’ time in between, Miannah retreats offer a carefully-planned full-day programme replete with local cooking classes, excursions, hands-on workshops, treatments and many other health & wellness activities complementing the daily chakra work. Every moment and element of the retreat is designed to form an important part of the bigger transformative process.

What if I’m not an advanced yoga practitioner? Can I still join?

Absolutely! No advanced asana practice experience is needed; we welcome both yoga beginners and intermediate practitioners. If you are new to yoga, it will be our pleasure to introduce you to this beautiful and life-enriching practice which may turn into a lifestyle! If you’ve been practising yoga for some time now, the retreat will help you reconnect with yourself and deepen your practice. My yoga sessions are inclusive and designed in such a way that every participant can enjoy their beneficial effects – as long as they are open to focus inward and listen to their body.

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