Chakra Challenge

(12—18 October 2020)

Learn about your energy centres, reconnect with your inner self and discover powerful self-healing techniques. 

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Why work with chakras?

How does changing your life for the best sound? Each chakra governs different processes in our daily experience and operates on a different energy spectrum, or vibration, managing different aspects of our holistic-self. Our emotions, physical condition, and state of mind all affect how each chakra filters energy. This, in turn, determines the type of energy we send out to the world, and what kind of interactions we create, spread, and receive back. Understanding the chakras, as well as the different ways of healing them, can therefore largely contribute to a healthier, more harmonious and balanced life.

How Will This Exactly Work?

There are 7 major chakras within the body and each of them governs different processes in our lives. Over the course of 7 days, you will get introduced to all of them and will explore a number of proven chakra-balancing techniques.


  • Every day you will receive an email with an introduction to the chakra of the day as well as a practice worksheet with corresponding exercises.
  • You will get access to a closed Facebook group where you will share your journey, ask questions, and connect with other people.
  • We’ll also meet up during a live stream where I’ll answer your questions and give you further tips.
  • You will need around 1 hour every day to get the most out of the challenge, but it will pay off!

Anna’s passion about the chakras and willingness to share her own experience was really engaging. Unlike other online training I’ve done, Anna really listened to the group’s questions especially in the live nightly videos. Anna provided brilliant materials which explained the chakras very clearly and gave daily exercises to help me understand and apply this knowledge. I really recommend it to other yoga teachers who want to understand more deeply the chakra system and different methods of activating and aligning.

Christine, UK

April '18 edition of Miannah Chakra Challenge Participant


Hello, I’m Anna

I’m a transformational guide, a life coach, a yoga and meditation teacher, an intuitive healer, a world traveller, a curious life explorer, a business mentor and a soul-led entrepreneur. 

Among the many concepts I employ, chakras and energy healing are an essential part of my work, as they give me a deeper insight into the matter of things going far beyond our conscious, practical mind. My passion for Eastern philosophies was born years ago during a journey through South-East Asia in search of my own healing, wisdom and life purpose at a time when I felt completely lost after having left a corporate job and a comfortable yet unfulfilling big-city life. All I teach I learned, and most importantly practised, at the very source – in various parts of Asia – training in energy healing in Cambodia, spending time in Buddhist monasteries in Thailand and completing a 200 hr yoga teacher training in India. Working with people using Eastern philosophies, yoga, meditation and chakra balancing has achieved wonderful results for those seeking healing, focus and direction. This gave rise to the idea of sharing the ancient chakra wisdom and allowing people to heal their lives. It’s the most rewarding work I’ve done in my entire life. Welcome!

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