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Let me share something with you…

Years ago, in my corporate job, I seldom questioned my life purpose and never asked myself about my soul’s desires. Instead, I focused all my energy on working my way up the corporate ladder. I led what I believed to be a happy life. But every now and then, my soul would make me restless whispering subtly that there is more to life, that we all come here for a higher purpose. So, I finally listened, not knowing where it would lead me. In 2015, after nearly a decade working as a high-functioning business leader, I left my secure job at one of the world’s leading retail brands and set out on a soul-searching journey around the world. Five years, 55+ countries and countless peaks and valleys later, I know a different way does exist… I’m delighted to share my discoveries with you, and be your guide on the journey towards a life in alignment with your soul’s desires and higher purpose.


…maybe you’ve reached a point in life where you need change or perhaps you’re already in the midst of a major transition.

…maybe you feel you’re in the wrong job and it’s draining your soul instead of filling it.

…maybe you’re dreaming of a freedom-based life on your own terms but have no idea how to turn this dream into reality.

…maybe you feel it’s time to recalibrate your life, but feel pressure from society, the people around you, your family, or simply your own inner critic.

…maybe your physical health is not at its best – perhaps you feel exhausted and depleted and are seeking balance and harmony in your life.

…maybe you’re a high-functioning woman who on the outside has it all but still feels unfulfilled. 

…maybe you are ready to wave goodbye to that debilitating feeling of ‘stuckness’ and want your life to flow?

I feel you, sister! I’ve been there more times than you can imagine…

What if I told you though that change is possible?

…that you can make a shift towards a fulfilled life in tune with your inner voice and life purpose?

…that you can experience true flow?

…that you can indeed lead a life of contentment, passion and intention?

…that a heart-centred, soul-aligned existence is not only possible, it’s actually imperative to serve yourself, your loved ones and the world in the best imaginable way?

You’ve got this beautiful gift called life and you should live it to the fullest!



You’re here to share your best self with the world. You are the creative designer of your life and you have the power (and birth right!) to live in tune with your core values, desires and life purpose. You are capable of creating a soul-aligned, heart-centred life of passion, fulfillment and integrity; a life that will nourish you from inside every single day, making you shine on the outside. You can contribute to a better world in a powerful way, while living on your own terms.


I’m Anna,

the founder of Miannah

I’m a transformational life & business coach, a certified yoga teacher, master NLP and hypnosis practitioner, an intuitive healer, a business mentor for soulful entrepreneurs, a world traveller and a location-independent, purpose-driven business owner.

In my past life (and career), I worked as a marketing executive for start-ups and international brands for almost a decade before I quit my corporate job to travel the world in 2015 and fully stepped into my purpose.

Today, with travel to more than 50 countries under my belt, I blend Western teachings and Eastern wisdom to support passionate, purpose-driven women in creating a meaningful and nourishing life and career, or business, on their own terms.

In my work, I blend life and transformational coaching, neuroliguistic programming, hypnosis, modern psychology and nearly 15 years of leadership and business experience with yoga, meditation, mindfulness, chakra and energy healing, in which I immersed myself during years of travelling the globe, studying and training. READY FOR A JOURNEY?


Who You Are…

A Modern Woman...

who wants to radically transform her life in a holistic way – on the body, mind and spirit level

A High-Functioning Female Leader...

craving a more balanced, fulfilling and fun life and career that nourish the body and soul

An Aspiring Female Entrepreneur...

ready to step into her purpose and enjoy more freedom by creating a soul-led online business

A Service-Based Entrepreneur...

who wants to grow her business with purpose to serve the world, while living on her own terms


To Follow Your

Heart, Soul & Passion?

Are you ready to get curious, question yourself and crack open new possibilities? To enter the space of vulnerability in search of your deepest truth? To commit and immerse yourself while trusting that you are guided? To translate your discoveries into concrete actions and hands-on solutions to forge a life that meets your soul’s desire? If so, rest assured that you’re setting out on an intentional journey. You’ll find that it will be worth it. I’m delighted to be your guide on this quest!


Work Together

One-On-One Coaching

Online Mastermind

Transformational Retreats

Let’s turn your viewpoint upside down. Holistically.

I believe we all have the capacity to heal, transform and shine brightly as long as we’re willing to do the inner work and have the right tools, support and guidance.

Sometimes it means going deep into the mind, questioning the status quo, facing deeply rooted beliefs and working to transform them into a new paradigm.

Other times it will entail connecting with the body through yoga and the power of movement to identify and release emotional blocks on a physical level. This will translate into getting in shape in other domains of your life.

Lastly, it may mean connecting with your higher self through meditation, mindfulness, energy work and chakra balancing to access your inner wisdom, discover your true calling and light it up.


7 Steps to Living Your Purpose

“A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step”.

Lao Tzu

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