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Yoga Classes

My personalised 1:1, 1:2 and small-group (up to 5 people) yoga classes are infused with meditation, chakra work, prana healing and other holistic techniques to help you reconnect with your body, mind & spirit.

Schedule a private 1:1 class in English or Spanish, invite a friend to practise yoga in tandem or gather a group of max. 5 people and enjoy a discounted price, while practising still in an intimate environment. Enrol in monthly packages (weekly & biweekly classes) to practise on a regular basis and get an even better price. All the classes are 90-minutes long.


Your Yoga Teacher

Hello, I’m Anna. I’m a transformational guide, a life coach, a yoga and meditation teacher, an intuitive healer, a world traveller and a curious life explorer.

Among the many concepts I employ, yoga, meditation, chakras and energy healing are an essential part of my work, as they give me a deeper insight into the matter of things going far beyond our conscious, practical mind. My passion for Eastern philosophies was born years ago during a journey through South-East Asia in search of my own healing, wisdom and life purpose at a time when I felt completely lost after having left a corporate job and a comfortable yet unfulfilling big-city life. All I teach I learned, and most importantly practised, at the very source – in various parts of Asia – training in energy healing in Cambodia, spending time in Buddhist monasteries in Thailand and Sri Lanka, and completing a 200 hr yoga teacher training in India. Welcome!

Prices & Packages

Choose between private 90-minute 1:1 classes, 1:2 classes and group classes (max. 5 people).

Go for single classes or monthly packages with weekly and biweekly classes.


Yoga means unity of the body, mind and spirit. Our body is like a book storing a great deal of information about our past experiences and traumas. A desire to explore the physical self and its link to the energetic essence and incorporating asana practice into my work led me to a yoga teacher training in India. In my work, I harness the power of yoga to release long-term emotional blocks stored in the body, which also powerfully impacts the mind.


A person has an average of 50,000 thoughts per day. Meditation is one of the most accessible ways to master the mind and the thoughts that tend to take over leading to an increase in stress, anxiety and disharmony. My own meditation practice led me to Thailand and Sri Lanka where I spent time in Buddhist monasteries to learn the secrets of the mind from the enlightened monks and I trained in several kinds of meditation.

Energy Alignment

We are energy and everything around us is energy. So often though our internal programming and traumas we’ve been through cause deep blocks that stop us from living our best life. In my work, I use a variety of techniques to uncover these energetic blocks and transmute them so that you can tap into your truth and create a fulfilling life aligned with your purpose.

Chakra Healing

The ancient concept of chakras has made its way to our Western world proving there’s more to our wellbeing than just anatomy and modern science. It provides a powerful framework to diagnose physical, emotional & mental imbalances and effective tools to align all parts of self in a holistic way. This brought me to Cambodia where I trained in energy healing and chakra balancing, which has become an integral part of my work.

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