Miannah Chakra Course

A self-discovery journey of holistic healing

& transformation for modern women





I Know What It’s Like to…

feel a deep disconnect within myself

experience a debilitating feeling of ‘stuckness’

live with extreme anxiety that keeps me up at night

notice recurring patterns I don’t know how to break out of

feel constant pressure to perform, achieve, accomplish or be something

become stuck in unhealthy relationships that are not serving me

be out of touch with my body and ignore its signals for years

feel exhausted, depleted and out of harmony

wonder if it’s really all there is to life…


This was me years ago

Just five years ago I was a modern woman busy working my way up the corporate ladder and fulfilling someone else’s expectations. I worked crazy hours trying to prove myself, the world and my boss that I’m worthy and deserving (of love, time, attention, position or salary). Despite having it all on the outside, I was feeling empty and disconnected from myself. I seldom questioned my life purpose and never asked myself about my soul’s desires. I was completely out of touch with my body, which showed through years-long hormonal disorders, hair loss problems, weight swings, sugar addiction and insomnia. The relationships I found myself in were neither healthy nor nourishing; in fact, many of them were draining and harmful. My adventurous and fun-loving self was suffocated by my high-achieving, criticising and not-feeling-good-enough self.



A different way does exist

I’ve gone from a high-functioning corporate businesswoman leading a seemingly happy yet unfulfilling life to a soul-led entrepreneur travelling the planet, following her heart, contributing to a better world and helping other women do the same. This transformation would not have been possible without my extensive periods spent in Thailand, Cambodia, India and Sri Lanka where, at the very source, I trained in Eastern Philosophies, yoga, chakra balancing and energy work, healing first own wounds and then hundreds of women during my one-on-one sessions, group workshops and retreats.


A New Life…

in which you’ve uncovered and healed your recurring patterns, deeply-rooted beliefs and old wounds that have been preventing you from living your truest self. A life that you get to choose and consciously create every single day, and don’t just have to put up with. A life full of enriching experiences, nourishing relationships, good health, wellbeing and wonderful abundance. That’s how I now live my life and I know you can do too.


A Complete Guide to Diagnosing, Balancing & Aligning Your Chakras

The Miannah Chakra Course is a comprehensive eight-week online programme designed for modern women of all ages who want to take a solid review of their lives and start healing in a holistic way. It is a profound self-discovery journey of transformation that will guide you through all major processes in your life on the body, mind and spirit level, offering potent tools to reconnect with your essence, recalibrate your life and enhance its every aspect.


Chakra by Chakra

Module 1


Dive into the world of energy & chakras

Module 5


Explore different dimensions of love

Module 2


Build a strong foundation & connect with your roots

Module 6


Reconnect with your voice & communicate your truth

Module 3


Reconnect with your feelings & your creative self

Module 7


Awaken your intuition & invite your inner wisdom

Module 4


Reclaim your personal power & life force

Module 8


Tap into your spirituality & connect with the divine


Is This Course for Me?

  • Yes, if you feel stuck and overwhelmed with everyday challenges of the modern world – it will give you a new (ancient) perspective
  • Yes, if you notice recurring patterns in your relationships, work and health you don’t know how to break out of – it will shed light on the truth behind as well as ways of healing them
  • Yes, if you’re looking for new healing tools – it will equip you with powerful mind & body techniques to start transforming your life
  • Yes, if you are a therapist, healing practitioner or a holistic coach – it will provide you with potent diagnostic & healing tools to support your clients
  • Yes, if you are a yoga teacher and want to expand your knowledge of the chakra system – it will inspire and enrich your teaching practice.


What You’re Getting


Printable Materials

You will get access to in-depth information on each chakra, possible disorders and healing techniques that will help you align it.


Self-Discovery Workbooks

Along with the theory, you will have access to workbooks detailing practical exercises that will help you balance and connect with each chakra.

Audio Recorded Content

For each chakra, you will get recorded meditations and affirmations of different duration time that will support you in the healing process.

Supporting Yoga Videos

You will get a dedicated 10-minute yoga sequence for every chakra to help you balance and align it any time you feel the need.

Chakra Course in Numbers



of beautifully designed PDF materials for life



to support you in aligning your energy centres



powerfully guiding you to self-diagnose your chakras



of audio-recorded content you can listen to anywhere



of chakra-specific balancing yoga classes


Chakra Students’ Love

That’s one of the best online courses I’ve ever taken. Well-prepared materials, professional guidance, Anna’s accessibility, care and attention throughout the programme made me feel well guided and looked after. Anna put together very thorough and concrete knowledge of the chakras – that’s one of the biggest values of the course. Thanks to the course not only did I learn a lot about the chakras and the way they work but also discovered a lot about myself, putting into practice everything I was learning. I strongly recommend this course; it’s well invested money.

Evelina, Poland

Miannah Chakra Course 2018 Edition Participant

The most wonderful thing about this course is the energy and passion Anna is able to convey, even over a screen! I particularly liked her individual chakra printable modules. They are professional and broken into digestible chunks. I have a very busy lifestyle, so her ‘On the go’ chakra exercises were the perfect way to incorporate practices into my schedule.

Sarah, Scotland

Miannah Chakra Course 2018 Edition Participant

The Outcome After Eight Weeks

The programme has been designed to bring radical shifts on every level of your being. It will help you to:

► Understand the body’s natural energy as well as ways to manage it best

► Radically increase your self-awareness and knowledge about the blocks that prevent you from living a fulfilling life

► Take a fresh look at your life on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels

► Uncover and heal recurring negative patterns in your life 

► Explore a wealth of healing tools, yoga poses & meditative techniques you’ll have at your disposal for daily challenges

► Restore mindfulness & balance to your life and feel more grounded & connected than ever before

► Be motivated to begin living a life of intention in tune with your true heart’s desires.


Anna I can never thank you enough for what I gained from my coaching session with you. I was struck by your wonderful listening ability and your insightful response to me. I gained a deeper understanding of myself and came away with very helpful suggestions going forward. I truly believe that the Chakra System offers a wonderful framework for personal growth and understanding. Anna I have truly benefited from the wisdom and richness you have to offer from your knowledge and experience of the Chakras. Namaste 🙏

Madeleine, Ireland

One-On-One Chakra Coaching Client


Chakra Students’ Love

The Miannach Chakra Course came at a perfect moment in my life – exactly when I needed it most. I see working with chakras as a thorough step-by-step self-review: where I am, what’s important to me, what I want to accomplish in life. Each of the 7 energy centres governs different processes, offering unique teachings. While working with chakras, every day I was opening my eyes wider to the world and myself. I have become aware of my deepest desires and suffering. I have learned how to process wisely both of them. The exercises included within the course were transforming me on a daily basis. I loved the practical audio recordings which I listened to every morning driving to work. I discovered the power of breathwork and meditation as mind-clearing tools.  Thanks to the course, I also returned to my long-forgotten yoga practice. The Miannah Chakra Course developed a deeper self-awareness and brought more smiles into my life. I’ve become better for myself and the people around me. I’m also able to better manage my energy which is priceless in today’s world.

Elzbieta, Poland

Miannah Chakra Course 2018 Edition Participant

I participated in Anna’s a chakra workshop last year primarily out of curiosity and eagerness to learn something new. I practiced regularly and listened to the experience of other participants from all over the world. The international aspect of the course was very helpful in broadening my perspective. Little did I know that soon I would need this knowledge and experience in my own life. Recently, I broke my foot. My root chakra was disordered and out of balance. I went back to what I learnt from Anna and once again started practicing it, going through the materials. I quickly saw results as I was going into more advanced practice. It gave me strength and brought back balance. All the materials are fantastically prepared with great focus on content and details; tailor made for different living situations, no matter how much or how little time you have. The meditation sets are easy and simple. Just start where you are and feel the difference. It will bring back balance and surely change you and your life. That is a lovely journey!

Aga, Poland

Miannah Chakra Course 2018 Edition Participant

How Will This Work?

  • Upon enrolment you get access to all eight modules of the course with in-depth information on a chakra along with exercise workbooks that will guide you during your practice.
  • You will get a chance to diagnose the condition of your chakras through a range of self-discovery journalling prompts & questions.
  • The exercises are designed to facilitate the healing of each chakra and range from short few-minute exercises through to longer and more engaging assignments.

  • For each chakra, you will get printable materials, video and audio recordings with affirmations and meditations to support you in the healing process.
  • You will keep track of your progress in the chakra journal that will help you be mindful of your challenges yet to overcome as well as celebrate victories on a regular basis.


Chakra Students’ Love

The Miannah Chakra Course was one of the most enlightening experiences of my life. A few weeks of knowledge sharing, wisely suited guidance and experience of not only Anna, but also other participants, made me feel more secure, encouraged and powerful. What was particularly useful is the overview of some brief mindfulness exercises, which you can easily put in life whenever and wherever you can, despite constant rush. Anna is an exceptional, wise person, who surely can help you to find the right balance and prompt your positive energy. I am truly grateful for all the tips and life coaching examples, which helped me to improve the quality of thinking and experiencing the world, even during the most challenging life moments. Thank you so much Anna!

Wera, Italy

Miannah Chakra Course 2018 Edition Participant

I would highly recommend the Miannah Chakra course for anyone interested in learning more about their chakras or gaining a better understanding about their own nature, energy and how to heal. When I began the course I had some knowledge of the chakra system but after completing all the modules I now have a much better understanding of the integral role chakras play in my life. Not only can I now self-diagnose when my chakras are out of balance, I have an amazing toolkit of exercises and wisdom to heal and align my chakras anytime. This course was in-depth and beautifully presented with helpful audios, videos, PDFs, exercises, yoga sequences, meditations and more! I have never seen a course put together as well as this one. Thank you Anna for making the world of chakras accessible to all!

Meghan, Canada

Miannah Chakra Course 2019 Edition Participant


A Sneak Peek at the Course


The Content

Module 1


Metaphysically, energy is understood as an intangible and modifiable force emitted by people, places & things. In this module, you will explore the concept of energy and its centres and learn how this knowledge can support you in everyday life.

What we will cover:

  • the multi-faceted concept of energy
  • the power of consciousness
  • the impact of our internal programming on our life
  • the way our energetic system works
  • the history of the chakra system
  • the major processes behind each chakra
  • ways of diagnosing your chakras
  • the foundation of chakra healing

Module 2


Muladhara is the chakra of our roots, base, internal foundation and basic family relationships. It taps into our tribal beliefs and values. In this module, you will connect with your roots to build a solid foundation for your healing.

What we will cover:

  • grounding, safety and stability in life
  • the impact your upbringing on your adult life
  • the influence of childhood beliefs on your adult life
  • the concept of the abandonment wounds
  • the reasons behind many of the recurring themes in your life (eg. financial, work or health issues)
  • the importance of physical strength for the wellbeing of the other chakras

Module 3


Svadhisthana is the seat of our emotions. It is all about connecting with our feelings, creative expression, intimacy and sexuality. In this module, you will harness the power of emotions & reconnect with your body. 

What we will cover:

  • the impact of emotions on your life
  • the concept of shadow work and emotional release
  • the importance of body awareness
  • ways of reconnecting with your body
  • common reasons behind issues with intimacy and sexuality
  • ways of awakening your creative power
  • the importance of passion and desire in life

Module 4


Manipura is all about personal power, character strength, motivation, discipline & self-confidence. It turns dreams and plans into reality. In this module, we will work to awaken your inner force and reclaim your power.

What we will cover:

  • techniques to strengthen your identity as an individual
  • the importance of self-confidence and self-worth
  • the concept of personal power and life force
  • ways of achieving your goals and dreams
  • the impact of self-victimisation paradigm on your life
  • methods of increasing your sense of agency
  • ways of reclaiming your inner power 
  • the importance of movement and action in life

Module 5


Anahata is the seat of all kinds of love which is a unifying force and the most fundamental energy of the universe. In this module, we will explore different dimensions of love and embrace the concepts of compassion, gratitude and forgiveness.

What we will cover:

  • different dimensions of love
  • the importance of gratitude and forgiveness
  • the meaning of loving kindness, compassion and empathy
  • the impact of childhood wounds on your present life
  • the concept of conditional and unconditional love
  • the impact unprocessed loss and grief may have on your life
  • the importance of following one’s life mission and higher purpose

Module 6


Vishuddha is the chakra of communication & self-expression. It gives us the right to voice and the courage to express what we feel and believe. In this module, you will learn how to communicate your truth in an authentic way.

What we will cover:

  • the impact that the language we use has on our life
  • the importance of free self-expression in life
  • ways that listening can enhance your communication and relationships
  • the importance of silence in life
  • the concepts of confidence and courage
  • the impact of authenticity on your holistic self
  • the importance of coherence between your internal world and external dialogue
  • the meaning of living creatively


Module 7


Ajna is the seat of wisdom, spiritual insight and intuition. It centres around trusting our intuition and inner voice. In this module, we will take a closer look at techniques designed to awaken your intuition and build the courage to follow it. 

What we will cover:

  • all about intuition and inner guidance
  • the ways of deepening your intuitive insight
  • the importance of having a life vision
  • the meaning of dreams
  • the importance of imagination in life
  • the impact of living in denial
  • the concept of clairvoyance
  • the importance of developing spiritual connection

Module 8


Sahasrara is all about love for the divine and a connection with all beings. In this module, you will explore ways of deepening your spiritual connection and tap into your internal wisdom through mindfulness and various mind & body techniques.

What we will cover:

  • all about the higher presence and spirituality
  • the importance of understanding
  • the meaning of life
  • the concept of oneness with God and all being
  • the impact of beliefs on our life
  • the importance of trust and surrender
  • the difference between spirituality and religion


Chakra Students’ Love

I really enjoyed the chakra course. Anna is very knowledgeable and inspires her students through informed practices and activities. The course materials are well organized and easy to follow, I am happy with all the work that went into to making this not just a book course but an interactive one with videos, audio clips and activities to help with understanding the chakra system. I would highly recommend this course to anyone with an interest in chakras right up to people who have base knowledge or those even who are more advanced. In my opinion, you can always learn something new from a different source about material you may already understand. This was my case, I had base knowledge about chakras and I took so much away from the course!

Sarah, Canada

Miannah Chakra Course 2018 Edition Participant

Extremely professional, prepared with such attention to every little detail, easy to follow, clear instructions and multiple ways to engage. Loved the pre-recorded videos and audios. Couldn’t follow much of live videos, but the best thing is you do it when you can, at your pace. Ania is wonderful, one of the most positive and beautiful souls you will ever meet. The course helped me better understand the “world” of energy and how it can affect our well-being and health. Will be implementing what I’ve learnt in the future for sure. Thank you Ania for such fantastic guidance, all the exercises, knowledge and your devotion. Highly recommend it to anyone!

Magdalena, Greece

Miannah Chakra Course 2018 Edition Participant


Your Chakra Guide

Hello, I’m Anna. I’m a transformational guide, a life coach, a yoga and meditation teacher, an intuitive healer, a world traveller and a curious life explorer.

Among the many concepts I employ, chakras and energy healing are an essential part of my work, as they give me a deeper insight into the matter of things going far beyond our conscious, practical mind. My passion for Eastern philosophies was born years ago during a journey through South-East Asia in search of my own healing, wisdom and life purpose at a time when I felt completely lost after having left a corporate job and a comfortable yet unfulfilling big-city life. All I teach I learned, and most importantly practised, at the very source – in various parts of Asia – training in energy healing in Cambodia, spending time in Buddhist monasteries in Thailand and Sri Lanka, and completing a 200 hr yoga teacher training in India. Working with people using Eastern philosophies, yoga, meditation and chakra balancing has achieved wonderful results for those seeking healing, focus and direction. It’s the most rewarding work I’ve done in my entire life. Welcome!


Chakra Students’ Love

The chakra system is a wonderful framework for personal understanding and discovery. Anna is a masterful guide full of knowledge, wisdom, understanding, compassion and love. I was continually amazed at what I uncovered while answering the self discovery questions… the good, the bad and the ugly. I am left feeling more grounded and connected with tools I can use to keep me balanced going forward in my life. Anna, I can never thank you enough for all that I have gained from you. So thank you for having the courage to follow your heart because you have been a tremendous gift in my life.

Madeleine, Ireland

Miannah Chakra Course 2019 Edition Participant

Anna’s chakra course is one of the best things I’ve done this year. It has helped me a lot in getting to know myself better, getting grounded and addressing important pending personal issues. My biggest take-away from the course is having the tools that help me balance and reconnect with myself when I’m overwhelmed by daily life or feel lost. Anna is a great guide, who will help you to reach your goals with her extensive experience. I would do the course again without any doubt!

Noemi, Spain

Miannah Chakra Course 2019 Edition Participant

“Take responsibility for the energy

you bring into this space”

Dr Jill Bolte Taylor


What would it feel like?

to radically transform your life in a holistic way – on the body, mind and spirit level…

to have a trusted roadmap to review your life and introduce meaningful changes

to explore new healing avenues that you didn’t even know existed within you…


do the inner work and tap into unlimited possibilities available to you?


Depending on your needs you can choose between three packages. The self-discovery package is perfect for you if you like working by yourself at your own pace. The group support package consists of self-work and access to a secret FB group where you can share your journey and ask your questions during weekly live Q&A sessions, while the Group + 1:1 Support Package is enriched with two 60-minute one-on-one chakra coaching sessions which will give you even more insight into your situation and possible healing avenues.


This package is for you if you're looking for a combination of self-work and group support to keep you on track (NEXT EDITION IN APRIL 2020)
  • PDF materials for each of the 8 modules
  • self-discovery workbooks for each chakra
  • audio recorded affirmations & meditations
  • videos with dedicated yoga sequences
  • support in a dedicated FB group
  • weekly live Q&A sessions for eight weeks


This package is for you if, in addition to self-work and group support, you also want to receive 1:1 support to get even more insight (NEXT EDITION IN APRIL 2020)
  • PDF materials for each of the 8 modules
  • self-discovery workbooks incl. more than 70 practical exercises
  • audio recorded affirmations & meditations
  • videos with dedicated yoga sequences
  • support in a dedicated FB group
  • weekly live Q&A sessions for eight weeks
  • 2 x 60-minute one-on-one chakra coaching sessions worth €300


Frequently Asked Questions

Can you explain what the chakras are?

Of course – my pleasure! The word “chakra” comes from Sanskrit (the sacred language of Hinduism) and means a wheel, circle, disc, or centre. According to the religious and philosophical beliefs of the Far East (mainly Hinduism and Buddhism, but also those of the Egyptians, Sufis, and Chinese), chakras are seven energy centres throughout our body where energy channels intersect and concentrate. Chakras are the hubs of your energy management: they receive it, transform it, and transmit it onward. They are located along the central channel of the body from the base of the spine to the top of the head.

How can this knowledge help me in my life?

All events in our lives, all thoughts and all emotions, are filtered by the chakras in our bodies. The physical condition of the chakras (and therefore their ability to properly manage life energy) depends on our physical, spiritual, mental and emotional health. Each energy centre is responsible for different processes in our lives and manages different aspects of our holistic self. Our emotions, physical condition and state of mind all affect how each chakra filters energy. This in turn determines the type of energy we send out to the world, what kind of interaction we create and spread and what we ultimately attract in our life.

So can I actually diagnose and balance my chakras?

Yes, you can! To make any positive changes, first you need to have an overview of the actual condition of your chakras. If you are new to the chakra system, in order to assess your energy levels you can consult an energy therapist, prana healer or reiki practitioner. And if you are looking to go a step further and learn how to self-diagnose and align your chakras and by this increase your holistic well-being, you need to first understand the qualities of each individual energy centre as well as the processes they govern since chakra imbalances of all kinds typically show in physical, emotional or psychological disorders. And you can’t mend anything if you don’t know what’s really damaged, right? This course will teach you all of that.

Why do you teach the chakra system, Anna?

Because it literally changed my life when I was having dark nights of the soul and now I’m committed to sharing this wisdom with other people. I poured my heart and soul into this course and it really is something special and life-changing. If you are ready to do the work and transform your life, this programme will be your knowledgeable guide and loyal companion.

What is this course really about?

The Miannah Chakra Course is a comprehensive eight-week  online programme on the chakras designed for modern women of all ages who want to take a solid review of their lives and start healing in a holistic way. It is a profound self-discovery journey that will guide you through all major processes in your life on the body, mind and spirit level, offering potent tools to reconnect with your essence, recalibrate your life and enhance every aspect of it. It’s the only programme of its kind where you get a powerful thousands-years old diagnostic framework as your guide as well as proven ways of aligning and balancing your life so that you can thrive and flourish, living your highest self!

Who is this course exactly for?

This programme has been designed for modern women of all ages who want to take a solid review of their lives and start healing in a holistic way – on the body, mind and spirit level. The chakra system provides insights to everyday struggles and challenges of modern times such as organsation, work-life balance, relationships, money blocks, poor self-image, co-dependency, abuse, heartache, problems with communication, life purpose or spirituality. The programme will help you extract the truth behind your recurring patterns and recalibrate your life. It is for you if you feel stuck and overwhelmed with everyday challenges. It is for you if you want to start making positive changes in your life and heal it. It is for you if you are interested in yoga and meditation and want to deepen your knowledge of the ancient chakra system that will support you on your journey. Lastly, it is for you if you’re a yoga teacher, therapist or a holistic coach who wants to enrich their practise and positively impact their clients’ lives.

Anna, where does your chakra knowledge come from?

To answer in three words: from the source. I’ve been studying the chakra system extensively for the past three years during which I immersed myself in these ancient teachings completely and entirely, learning all I could about it at the very source – in Asia (you can read my full story in the ‘About’ section). I worked in an energy healing centre in Cambodia, spent time in Buddhists monasteries in Thailand and Sri Lanka, completed a yoga teacher training in India and read possibly every book that’s been published on this powerful system. But more importantly, thanks to the chakras, I found my own healing and life purpose at a time when I felt completely lost after having left a corporate job and subsequently have helped many women across the globe to heal and thrive using the chakra framework during my retreats, coaching and online programmes.

How do you recommend to work with this programme?

There are many ways to work with this programme. First of all, you can do it all by yourself, working at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home. You can take all the time you need to complete the course. A minimum of one week is recommended for each module of the course so altogether eight weeks should be scheduled to complete the programme. Twice a year (in April and October) I launch group-support editions. If you enrol in one of these and choose to follow the programme’s eight-week timeframe, you will be supported by me and other course participants on the same exciting journey. On the first day of the programme you’ll get access to the course learning site with all eight modules. It’s a fully interactive course and you can, of course, work completely on your own at your pace. However, if you want to make the most out of the programme, it’s recommended you join the private FB group and participate in weekly Q&A sessions during which your questions and struggles will be addressed. If you opted for the 1:1 support package, you will also get one-on-one time with me during which I will help you delve deeper into your discoveries and heal faster.


Do I need to know anything about the chakras beforehand?

Chakras are quite a complex concept, so it would be great if you did – for example by taking part in one of my chakra challenges or masterclasses. But it’s definitely not a prerequisite. The course is designed in such a way that it introduces you to the chakra system and guides you all along through written materials, videos, audios, and regular live streams no matter where you are on your journey. It will be an intense adventure, but if you really want to understand the chakra concept and make these all-important changes in your life, it’s definitely worth the time investment.

What if I took part in your chakra challenge? How is this course different?

I’m glad you did! The challenge is a great way to get familiar with the body’s energy centres. It gives you a solid introduction to the chakra system and will definitely help you understand the basics, but it really only scratches the surface of the matter. The course will give you more in-depth knowledge and, most of all, the necessary practice needed to make notable changes in your life. You will get access to videos that will aid you in better understanding each energy centre, as well as audios with recorded affirmations and meditations created to help you activate and balance your chakras. The materials provided in the course will give you more insight into disorders and various healing techniques for each chakra as well as corresponding yoga poses and crystals that will help you balance each energy centre. You will get access to a secret Facebook group to share your journey and we will meet up weekly during live Q&A calls. The course is more intensive when it comes to the amount of knowledge you will acquire as it will go deeper into the matter; however, it will allow you more time than the challenge to practise and build your understanding of it all.

When does the course start and finish?

If you consider purchasing the self-discovery package, you decide when you start (you get one-year access to the learning platform). For the group support editions (in April and October), live support is provided over the course of 8 weeks. We’ll start working through a new module (chakra) every Monday. A minimum of one week is recommended for each module of the course so altogether 8 weeks should be scheduled to complete the programme.

What if I'm not on Facebook?

No worries! The private FB group is a space where you can share your journey with other participants. It’s a great way to stay on track and motivated. This is also where I will connect with you during weekly live streams to answer your questions. Even if you’re not a regular Facebook user, you can simply use your account to join us in the private group and engage with the course participants there. I do encourage you to consider joining it; however, a Facebook account is not required to delve into the chakra experience. Everything you need you will have inside the course and the FB group is just a supporting tool.

How long do I have access to the course?

You will get one-year access to the course materials (plus all upgrades) including pdf, audio and video lessons. PDF materials are granted to you for life – all you need to do is download them to your computer/phone. The support in the dedicated Facebook group along with the live Q&A sessions will be delivered for the duration of 8 weeks from the launch of the course (April & October).

Can I join with a friend?

Of course you can – it will be my pleasure to welcome you both in the programme. If you invite a friend, I’m thrilled to offer you a 50% discount you can subtract from your course fee. Eg. if you want to enrol in one of the group support editions in April or October, which is worth €297 each, you pay altogether €445. A great deal, right?

I'm a busy person. Do I need to follow week by week or can I go at my own pace?

No worries at all! The programme is entirely go-at-your-own-pace! I want you to take your time, to implement as you learn, to watch and listen as many times as you need! Everyone’s journey through the Miannah Chakra Course will look a little different and that’s the beauty of it. If you, however, are looking for my support during the programme, you may want to follow the 8-week timeframe in which you will have access to a secret FB group where you can ask all your questions during weekly live Q&A sessions and get all the support you need (launch twice a year: in April & October).

My time is limited. How much time will I need to set aside each week for the content?

It will differ for everyone. The recommended amount of time to spend on the course per week is about three hours if you want to finish it in eight weeks and get the most of it. I recommend you listen to the module once or twice, spend time completing the workbook, answer the self-discovery questions and then do the exercises. You can pause during your busy weeks, take the modules on the go, and revisit a lesson when you’re feeling stuck. If you know what elements you want to work on, you can also choose these parts that you feel you need to address first. The course is built in such a way that you can easily jump between modules and lessons.

Why do I need a chakra course if I could just look for this information online?

You absolutely could! Just bear in mind, like in every subject matter, the quality of the information available online varies and since the chakras have become this hot New Age topic recently, new ‘gurus’ pop out every day but are you sure this is who you want to learn from and trust with your health and wellbeing? It’s really no joke – the energy is a very subtle matter and you need to know who you choose to be your guide. Plus the Miannah Chakra Course is not just plain information (which you will get ample amounts of anyway!); it’s an experience. I’m virtually walking you through each energy centre and every single process behind it so that you know exactly what to do diagnose and heal your chakras and transform your life.

What's your refund policy?

Holistic healing & transformation work is not something that you try; it’s a process that you commit to. This programme is for people who understand that and who are ready to do the work and get results. It is my intention for you to be happy with your course and because I have invested considerable time and effort in creating it, the investment is non-refundable. By purchasing the course, you’re getting access to a wealth of knowledge on the chakras, yoga, meditation and psychology and as long as you are truly committed to studying and putting it into practice, you’ll see results every single week. Also keep in mind it’s common to feel some resistance after doing deeper work and being vulnerable. I encourage you to lean in when this happens and trust your process! You’ll get more information on it in the orientation module. I am here to support you when it feels challenging.


Radically transform your life in a holistic way and embody a new way of being?