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The world is a beautiful place. Yet, so many of us never get to see its beauty as we are busy chasing money, consumer goods, and our careers. A passion for travelling has led me to have visited 50 countries across 4 continents and lived in several of them. Travelling literally changed my life and made me a true citizen of the world. I believe some places serve us better than others; therefore, I keep travelling and exploring the world and myself. I also encourage you to venture and see our beautiful planet to one day turn your journeys into wise teachings. Ready for an unforgettable voyage?



Before I embarked on my world adventure, I led a life that was seemingly successful, yet absolutely unfulfilling. Travelling opened my eyes to so many different models and concepts that I cannot imagine going back to a “normal” reality. I finally live in tune with my inner voice, following my heart and my purpose which makes everything so different, for the better! Lifestyle design is a crucial part of my programmes – if you don’t create it the way you want it, you will follow whatever was created before by someone else. And how does that relate to your values, dreams, talents, and life purpose?



I’m a life explorer and experience seeker. Yet, the longer I live the more I realise that happiness is not to be found in the number of experiences, but balancing them and living in harmony with the world and one another. I studied many schools of thoughts and extracted the best life-balancing techniques to make your every day more harmonious. From different meditation techniques through to work with the body and mind, I teach how to be in the middle as opposed to swinging to the extremes. As you’ll learn from your experiences with Miannah, the best way is the middle way!