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7 Proven Ways to Energise Your Vibration & Rock Your Day

20:00 (CEST)


Hi, I’m Anna. I want to show you how you can rock your day and shine brightly by managing your energy and raising your vibration. Join me for an hour on Wednesday, September 12th at 20:00 CEST.

During the webinar you will learn how to:


► jump-start and manage your day better

► keep your vibrations high throughout the day

► light the fire & activate your inner energy

► navigate around daily obstacles

► develop a daily balancing practice.


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Meet Your Webinar Host

Hi, my name is Anna. I help people heal and transform their lives. 

As far back as I can remember, I’ve spent most of my life juggling – career, personal relationships, passions, hobbies, and social life – sadly not with the best of results and often at the expense of my well-being. For years I starved myself of rest, relaxation, and sleep. This led to frustration, anxiety, and even more pressure on my shoulders. The hectic, repetitive, and stressful daily routine left me feeling lost and low. 

This took me on a journey to find peace within myself… I started meditating and exploring various techniques of achieving life balance on my own. I went to Asia for six months, where at the very source, I was learning about Eastern philosophies, yoga, various meditation and life-balancing techniques, and working with energy and chakras.

Today I know that harmony in life is crucial. So I teach how to achieve it and how to manage one’s energy on a daily basis, even in the most demanding and challenging situations. I’m excited to be your guide on this journey!


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