How do I work?

I’m a transformational guide. This means I guide you through your personal transformation offering the best proven approaches to mind, body and spirit derived from many different fields and cultures.

My experiences are diverse and my toolbox is ever-expanding. I combine various techniques and healing modalities – from life and business coaching to leadership through to positive psychology – all of which I fuse with Eastern philosophies, yoga, meditation & energy healing. Below are some fields I  draw from in my work with clients.

Energy Work & Chakra Balancing

Chakra balancing and energy work have literally changed my life providing new insights and healing when I was feeling lost. The ancient concept of chakras made its way to our Western world, becoming increasingly popular among those who can’t find healing in conventional medicine; and feel there is more to our physical and mental health than just anatomy and modern science. The chakra system provides a powerful framework to diagnose physical, emotional, mental and spiritual imbalances as well as tools to align all parts of self in a holistic way.

Yoga & Meditation

When it comes to self-healing tools there is no single more powerful combination than yoga & meditation. The belief in a holistic approach to helping others led me first to Cambodia and Thailand where I extensively studied and practised various meditation techniques and then to India where I completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training with the aim of further exploring the physical body and its link to the energetic self and incorporating asana practice into my work. 

Coaching & Mentoring

I’m a strong believer in the power of coaching which is based on the foundation that all answers lie within us; it’s only a matter of asking the right questions. In the guiding sessions, I use a wide plethora of tools from life and transformational coaching through to business & leadership mentoring. I tap into my 10-year experience as a business leader, marketing manager and coach, as well as my 3-year experience as a digital nomad, location-independent entrepreneur, online course & retreat leader, yoga & meditation teacher and avid traveller.

Travelling Experience & Digital Nomad Life

To date I’ve visited 50+ countries and travelling has been the most life-enriching experience I have encountered. The journey has also been a profound healer that helped me discover freedom, while deepening my understanding of the world and myself. I keep exploring new places and extracting the best out of their cultures. I love learning at the source. This is how I enriched my ‘toolbox’ over years – working in an energy healing centre in Cambodia, spending time in Buddhist monasteries in Thailand and completing a yoga teacher training in India. Working with those seeking a digital nomad lifestyle, I also share my experience building a location-independent business.

Marketing, Business & Leadership Experience

Backed by a strong business background, I’ve been working with people all my professional life – first in the corporate world, bringing together the realities of business tasks and human relations – as an account executive, manager, leader and coach, and then as a transformational guide, yoga & meditation teacher, retreat leader and location-independent entrepreneur. I have completed a number of leadership and coaching training programmes, and managed many teams and departments, always trying to stay true to my values and myself. My marketing & business expertise helps me to this day share my message with the right people and communicate my truth in the right way.

Personal Transformation

My personal transformation took me a full three years and would probably not be finished by now had I not ventured into the world to look for the tools that ultimately helped me in the process. The time spent travelling and learning equipped me with a deep understanding of the transformative process, gave me the right instruments to work with and healed my life. Therefore in my programmes, I eagerly share the experience of my own transformation as I know there is nothing more powerful than a real story.

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