The SoulBiz Lab


for early-stage female entrepreneurs ready to fully step into their purpose & build a business that changes lives.


The World Is Waiting!

We’re living in times of a major paradigm shift in which the collective energy is undeniably moving towards more purpose and impact. More and more women now feel called to start living their passion, enjoy more freedom and create a life of meaning and intention. A massive recalibration is taking place.

Are you ready to step fully into your purpose and create a business with more FREEDOM + IMPACT than you ever thought possible?

If you are anything like me…

most of your life you never thought about creating a business. Entrepreneurship just seemed too overwhelming; definitely nothing you ever wanted to pursue. It wasn’t on my life agenda either to take the plunge into the complete unknown of entrepreneurship. In fact, for many years I was quite happy to be climbing the corporate ladder and when I needed a thrill, I would simply change positions, companies, or cities.

And then something changed… 7 years ago I left my corporate job to travel the world in search of more freedom and adventure, or so I thought. I quickly realised that there was much more to that urge — I was actually seeking more meaning. I set up a blog where I shared my inner journey, which turned out to be the stepping stone to my soul’s purpose. But as I soon learned, that was just the beginning. My soul kept whispering subtly that it wanted more impact and soon those quiet whispers turned into loud roars. The calling to be of service on a larger scale and create something of my own became just too strong to ignore.

As petrified as I was, I knew I had to create a business. But not any kind of business… A business that was the expression of who I am. A business that allowed me to be true to myself while serving others. A business with soul. That is how Miannah was born.

Does this sound like you?

■  You have a burning desire to share your gifts with the world and make an impact, while creating a rich, nourishing and meaningful life in tune with your heart’s desires;

■  You dream of a freedom-based lifestyle that allows you to travel, have more time for your loved ones and infuse every day with intention;

■ You either already have a business that you want to take to the online space and earn a steady income or a side hustle that you’re ready to finally say HELL YES! to (and go all in to achieve your dream!);

■ You want to serve the world within the creative, education, coaching, healing, therapy, yoga, wellness or consulting fields, and can’t imagine doing anything else because you love being of service to others;

■  You want to be financially, organisationally (and emotionally!) stable in your life and business;

■  You’re ready to leave your comfort zone and go deep within; upgrade your mindset, embrace strategy and create a business and income in alignment with who you truly are — because you know that’s the only way it will work for you;

■  You’ve tried all the latest marketing strategies and sales techniques but nothing’s working; the clients are still not lining up desperate to work with you;

■  You see-saw between procrastination and random action, which means you’re not consistently showing up or powerfully sharing your BIG message;

■  You don’t want to be grinding all the time; you know that life is for living and you want to build a business around your dream lifestyle (not the other way around) — you just have no idea how;

■  You’re ready to finally uncover blocks around money and shift from a scarcity to an abundance mindset so that your dream life is not just a vision board on your fridge;

■ You’re done with playing small and are finally ready to embrace a new level of leadership and take full responsibility for your life & business;

■  You’re dying to get support of an experienced entrepreneur and coach who’s been in the trenches of the online business and who’s got your back;

■  You’d love to be surrounded by like-minded women who understand what you’re going through and will inspire and motivate you every day, while also holding you accountable.


I’ve been there…

(although the details may be slightly different)

In 2015 I quit my corporate job and set out on a year-long travel adventure around the world. At the end of it, one thing I knew for sure; I could never return to my old way of life, or my well-paid job as a marketing executive. It all felt empty to me. But while I was hungry for more freedom and more purpose – I had absolutely no idea how to contribute to the world and make money at the same time. When I did eventually aligned with my purpose, I realised that it’s a completely different ball game to do business without the big brand and even bigger marketing $$$ budgets I used to manage in my corporate job. I also faced new challenges as an entrepreneur in terms of my financial stability. I’d gone from earning a juicy corporate executive salary, living in a company-funded apartment in the city centre, to being penniless, alone, and heartbroken in yet another continent. I craved support of like-minded people who’d understand what I was going through as a new business owner and a person who stopped following the herd and started following her heart. As hard as it was though, I wasn’t ready to give up. I knew I wanted to be of service, and I knew I wanted to keep that lifestyle forever, so I made it my mission to find a way.

And as insane as it seemed at the time… I DID.



I am working in my zone of genius helping women across the world with my soul-aligned work as a transformational life & biz coach, yoga teacher, intuitive healer and soulful leader. I live a life of more freedom than I ever had before. I have visited 55 countries and counting, and lived and worked in more than 20 of them across four continents. My business is built on a strong foundation of my personal values and dream lifestyle — not the other way around. I get to choose what I do every single day, and I know that I’m on the right path — my path. With that being said, I’d be lying if I told you that it was all easy. In fact, there were times I wasn’t sure I’d survive. I have some pretty epic failures under my belt but today I’m grateful for them all because they made me humble and taught me to serve and lead from the heart…


What’s Possible?


on your own terms, in tune with your heart’s desires, free of existential fears and mindset blocks. Instead, filled with purpose and intention, full of adventure, passion and nourishing relationships, in which you unapologetically create your reality, serving the world every single day.


that supports your passions and allows you to work from any place on earth and choose how you spend each day. Imagine you have a strong and authentic brand that is a proud reflection of your soul’s purpose and talents. Imagine you build a tribe of like-minded people who not only get you but wholeheartedly support you on your journey. Imagine you have a sustainable business with a steady income that not only pays your bills, but also allows you to fund your deepest dreams and desires…

Hello, I’m Anna!

I’m a business mentor, marketing strategist, certified life coach, yoga teacher, master NLP & hypnosis practitioner, intuitive healer and chakra educator.

In my past life (and career), I worked as a marketing executive for start-ups and big international brands such as IKEA for almost a decade before I embarked on a world travel adventure in 2015, created my own location-independent, heart-centred business and fully stepped into my life purpose.

Today, with travel to more than 50 countries under my belt, I blend Western teachings and Eastern wisdom to support passionate, purpose-driven women in creating a nourishing and meaningful life and business on their own terms. Welcome!

The truth is…

Answering my soul’s calling and starting my freedom-based, heart-centred business has been one of the most challenging yet the most rewarding things I’ve ever done in my entire life. Today I want to teach you how to rise to this challenge and serve the world in the most powerful way. Your way… It’s time you finally do the work you’re called to do!



Miannah SoulBiz Lab

A high-touch group coaching & mentorship programme for female creatives, consultants, coaches, healers, therapists, educators, yoga teachers and wellness practitioners who are ready to fully step into their purpose and build a business with soul, while creating a meaningful and nourishing life on their own terms.


Programme Pillars

Each month of this 6-month programme is dedicated to a different pillar that will be critical to your soulbiz success. This is an all-encompassing roadmap to a soulful business; your work however will not be limited to this curriculum in any way. In fact, you’ll use it as your self-discovery roadmap that you can always go back to and revise (at any stage of your business — which my clients often do). In our live sessions I’ll coach you on whatever you need support to build your business and create the income you desire.

  If you don’t believe in your magic, nobody else will! We’ll start by uncovering and crushing any mindset & energy blocks including the (in)famous imposter syndrome, perfectionism, or fear of failure and align with your next-level version mentally, energetically and spiritually so you can ultimately embody it physically and financially (soulbiz ENERGETICS).

  Building a business around your dream lifestyle (not the other way around) is the only way to make it truly sustainable, so next we’ll explore your deepest desires, values, zone of genius, true purpose and anything that stops your from living this dream life now (soulbiz LIFESTYLE).

  Once you’ve done the deep inner work and know where you’re headed, we’ll move on to creating a strong soul-aligned brand that’s an authentic expression of your soul, along with consistent messaging that will get you in front of the right audience (soulbiz BRAND).

   Soulful business is about people, so in the next pillar you’ll work to attract (or create) your tribe by first discovering who you really want to work with — both as clients, team members, business partners, collaborators and contributors — and then connecting with them on a deep level (soulbiz TRIBE).

  Next, we’ll do the maths and create a roadmap that best serves your specific needs and desires, including a business model, product and pricing strategy, a customer journey and a sales funnel tailor-made to your business and life (soulbiz STRATEGY).

  Last but not least, we’ll work on a new level of conscious, purposeful and resilient leadership, which will be critical for you to continue your life’s work, make an impact and serve the world in the most powerful way (soulbiz LEADERSHIP).

Where will you be 6 months from now?

Whatever business you’re looking to create, let’s be honest: the journey of entrepreneurship is hardly ever linear (or easy for that matter). It definitely can be simpler though. What you need is powerful tools, strategy, motivation, accountability, the right mindset, and ideally a trusted support group. And all of this (plus so much more!) you’ll get in the SoulBiz Lab.


Turn Your Passion Into Impact and Income?

“Coaching with Anna was the best decision for me and for my business. Literally, just 9 months later, I am running a consulting firm that has 3 employees, a dozen clients and we just celebrated generating $1 Million in revenue in less than 7 months! Coaching with Anna was the best decision for me and for my business”.

What can I say about working with Anna? It was literally a life-changing experience! When I met with her in the Fall of 2019, I was really struggling with my purpose and monetizing on my gifts. I was working as a creative director and even though I had been a consultant before, I couldn’t figure out how to have consistent $5K months. Anna spent a lot of time talking with me about being rejected in cold pitching and really encouraged me to just shoot my shot. When I finished working with her, I started thinking a lot about my true purpose which IS in consulting and I created a new business. Literally, just 9 months later, I am running a consulting firm that has 3 employees, a dozen clients and we just celebrated generating $1 Million in revenue in less than 7 months! Coaching with Anna was the best decision for me and for my business.

Kendra Y. Hill, USA

Scale My Business, One-on-one coaching client


Your SoulBiz Curriculum

Pillar 1: SoulBiz ENERGETICS

GOAL: Step into your next-level version


Shift from the employee to the entrepreneur mindset

Uncover & transform blocks around success & failure

Bust through life-long money blocks & scarcity mindset

Transform your relationship with money

Learn to amplify your energetic field every day

Develop routines and rituals to set you for success

Learn to co-create with the Universe and trust the flow



Pillar 2: SoulBiz LIFESTYLE

GOAL: Lay the foundations for your dream life


Identify your core needs & motivations

Align with your life values

Step fully into your zone of genius

Tune into your true purpose – your ‘why’

Define your life vision

Map out your dream lifestyle

Create a personalised self-care strategy

Pillar 3: SoulBiz BRAND

GOAL: Create a strong purpose-aligned brand


Get empowered to become your own brand

Define your business purpose, vision & mission

Explore your brand archetypes

Identify your core brand values

Establish your differentiation points

Develop consistent messaging for your brand

Choose or create your own content platform

Pillar 4: SoulBiz TRIBE

GOAL: Create your soulmate tribe in life & business


Build your support system in life & business

Create and reinforce healthy boundaries

Connect with your soulmate clients on a deep level

Understand their high-priority problem

Validate your offering

Define your brand touchpoints

Build nourishing client relationships & collaborations

Pillar 5: SoulBiz STRATEGY

GOAL: Build a strategy for a thriving business 


Create a business structure that works for YOU

Establish a sustainable business model

Map out a product that you’ll lead with

Create your pricing strategy

Develop a seamless customer journey & sales funnel

Streamline your marketing efforts

Learn to sell without losing your soul

Pillar 6: SoulBiz LEADERSHIP

GOAL: Increase your impact & income


Understand what impact you want to make in the world

Develop powerful habits of a next-level leader

Step fully into the leader you want to be for others

Learn how to show up unapologetically to serve your tribe

Build resilience to bounce back from any adversity

Become productive as opposed to just busy

Lead from the heart rather than a management book


to stop following the herd and finally start following your heart, create the impact you came here to make and build a life of your dreams (not someone else’s)?

Who is the SoulBiz Lab for?


  You’re an early-stage service- or product-based entrepreneur who has a big mission and wants to make an impact in the world;

  You’re a creative, consultant, educator, coach, healer, therapist, yoga teacher, wellness practitioner, or a mission-driven product owner;

  You have at the very least an idea of what you (want to) sell (although the exact product may still be in the works — this programme will help you nail it and sell it);

  You’ve had your first clients (paying or not) and know how you help them;


■  You are still in your 9-5 job but are working hard behind the scenes on your side hustle in order to make the switch to entrepreneurship in the next 6-12 months and need powerful support to do so;


■  You’ve been in business for some time now and want to take it to the online space so you can increase your impact while working from the comfort of your home;

■  You are pivoting into a new area of business;

■  You are launching a new brand or your existing one on a brand new (global?) market.


■  You’re an aspiring entrepreneur who’s just playing with the thought of starting a business;

■  You don’t know what your product or service is nor do you know how you want to actually help people;

■  You’re still in training and need more time to learn your tools of the trade (it’s OK, you’ll get there!);

■  You like the idea of becoming an entrepreneur but are not quite ready to put in the work to produce the desired results (as much as I believe in the power of mindset and manifestation, you still need to do the work);

■  You expect overnight success — I’m not one of those coaches who promise 6 figures in your first month in business (what I can offer though is a potent roadmap to any result you wish to create as long as you’re ready to put in the work);

■  Your primary motivation is money — although I do believe money is an extremely important part of every business (otherwise it’s just an expensive hobby), I work with women who are lit up by building a business with soul, purpose and bigger impact in mind, all of which will be reflected in their income; 

■  You work much better solo. The group aspect is a powerful component of this programme; however, I understand that you may prefer a more intimate setting and even more high-touch approach. Check out my 1:1 biz programme — maybe it’s a better fit?

Still not sure if the SoulBiz Lab is for you? Let’s chat!


How Is the SoulBiz Lab Different from Any Business Programme Out There?

Because it’s not just a business programme; nor is it just a coaching programme. It offers a potent blend of both and to top it off it’s also enriched with eastern teachings to take care of the energy part of business. The SoulBiz Lab is a result of a decade of my corporate marketing experience working for companies such as IKEA and more than 5 years as a soul-led entrepreneur, retreat leader, educator, online course creator, life coach and yoga teacher combined with powerful energy and chakra work, proven life coaching techniques, NLP and hypnotherapy. A blend that’s quite unique in the business world.

  Super high-touch support in an intimate group of women with one live session per week where we nail your strategy & work on your mindset + energy;

  6 powerful workbooks — your SoulBiz roadmap; one for each pillar of the programme to help you get to YOUR answers as opposed to following someone else’s blueprint;

  Access to SoulBiz Lab MemberSpace full of videos, audios, tutorials, checklists, templates and supporting written content to ensure you have all you need to make it work on the strategy level;

  Ongoing support on the tech front from a coach who knows intimately the online space and has actually built websites, blogs, podcasts and online courses;

  Unique branding expertise backed by a decade of branding, advertising and marketing experience as well as several brands created from scratch;

  Proven lifestyle design process offering you a new perspective on your life so you can start living truly on your own terms — whatever this means for you;

  Ongoing support with your mindset provided by a certified coach with a wealth of experience working with the mind as well as a wide array of tools from life coaching through to NLP and hypnosis;

  Energy work, chakra alignment, yogic philosophy and other modalities to help you reconnect with your inner self on this exciting yet sometimes challenging journey.


My SoulBiz Secret Sauce

Energy Alignment

Energetic alignment is the number one thing that we’ll practise throughout the programme because I believe it’s key to creating a soulful business, keeping you connected to your soul’s purpose and magnetising your dream clients. This is where western teachings meet eastern wisdom. As a certified yoga and meditation teacher and a big chakra enthusiast who has spent years in Asia studying and training in eastern philosophies in India, Thailand, Cambodia and Sri Lanka, I’ll share with you the foundations of energy and chakra work, meditation and yogic philosophy to strengthen your energetic alignment and be powerfully led by your soul as opposed to someone else’s blueprint.

Online Savviness

As much as I love strategy and big-picture vision, I still know the importance of having my hands ON business. My curiosity and passion for the online world have made me super tech-savvy. Within the programme, you’ll get ample support on the tech front. With experience in website design (I made several website back in the day — including the one you’re on!), social media management (managed many social media accounts for clients over years), blogging (ran a successful travel blog for 3 years), podcast creation (launched my own podcast and coached many clients throughout the process of creating a podcast) and online course creation (created my own evergreen chakra course which is now a source of passive income), you’ll be powerfully supported on the tech front. I’ll help you navigate the online business world with grace.

Mindset Work

Energy goes hand in hand with the right mindset. Being born and raised in eastern Europe, in order to create a global business from scratch, I had to overcome a lot of blocks — around money and abundance, putting myself out there, or showing up powerfully and coaching in English, German and Spanish, none of which is my first language. That’s why mindset work is an integral part of the whole programme, starting from day one (in fact Pillar 1 is all about the entrepreneurial mindset). If you follow any biz coaches out there, you’ve probably noticed that so many talk about the power of mindset, yet… few actually have the right toolbox to facilitate powerful mindset shifts. As a certified life coach and master practitioner of neurolinguistic programming and hypnosis, I’m equipped with a potent array of tools of working with the mind that will be at your disposal throughout the programme.

Burning Desire

I can’t imagine creating a business that changes lives without a burning desire to contribute to a better world. I’m beyond passionate about business and the online space and I absolutely LOVE supporting women in shining their brightest and seeing how they change the world by doing the soul work and following their calling. This passion has allowed me to overcome a great deal of adversity I’ve faced on my entrepreneurial journey while travelling the world (and trust me when I say it hasn’t been all roses). This inner fire is the key ingredient for anyone who wants to turn their talents into a business that changes lives. Are you ready to ignite it?

Biz Strategy

As important as mindset and energy work is, without the right strategy you’re heading nowhere.… With a masters in marketing management, a decade of corporate marketing experience working for both start-ups and big multinational companies and the past 4+ years as an entrepreneur, I’ll guide you to powerful results through a well-thought-out (yet simple!) biz strategy that’s aligned with who you truly are and what you want to create. I’ve assisted both new entrepreneurs in building powerful brands from scratch and seasoned business owners in simplifying and streamlining their businesses after years of hustle and struggle. Now your turn!


Finally, I’ll give you what I think is critical in creating a successful brand and business — the courage to step fully into the woman you want to be and the soulful entrepreneur the world needs. As someone who left a safe job at IKEA along with a juicy corporate salary to plunge into the complete unknown of entrepreneurship and a solo female traveller of 5+ years with 55 countries under my belt, I know a thing or two about being bold and adventurous, which is also needed when creating a successful business. Whatever it is that your soul desires, I’ll be right by your side to support you. Whatever the world has programmed you to believe impossible, we’ll prove otherwise. Location-independent lifestyle? Freedom-based business? Travel and adventure? Living your purpose as opposed to selling your soul? It’s all possible! I’ll be your greatest cheerleader and supporter. Let’s do it!


Work on Your Business in a Holistic Way?

“I felt that every other program I have done in all these different roles never really addressed me as a whole entrepreneur, only the parts that were deemed valuable for making $$. Anna addresses and works with me as the WHOLE entrepreneur!”

Anna has been an amazing coach, mentor, inspiration and well, too be honest, many times the only person who is able (with my permission) to hold me accountable. I know that I have been able to effect change on others on a very broad scale, but for myself it was like something was stuck and although I knew I was an entrepreneur I felt that every other program I have done in all these different roles never really addressed me as a whole entrepreneur, only the parts that were deemed valuable for making $$. Anna addresses and works with me as the WHOLE  entrepreneur! My basic business, mission, vision, structure, marketing, clients, EVERYTHING and not just through her one-on-one coaching; her workbooks and podcast have been indispensable to me! She has helped me truly fine-tune what my tribe looks like and hone in on finding them! I cannot recommend her enough as she is one of the most trusted voices in my business life and has helped me break barriers that I really did not think I could, finding my soul’s purpose and living it large and in vibrant living color on my terms! Thank you Anna! 

Emillia Noordhoek, USA

Northern Lights Studios, One-on-one coaching client


“No two minds ever come together without thereby creating a third, invisible intangible force, which may be likened to a third mind [the master mind].”



Have not only a Coach but also a Soulmate by Your Side When Building Your New Life and Business?

“Anna helped me open a door that I did not know existed, recall what I missed, awaken what was inside of me and build what I dreamed of. On this journey Anna is not only a coach, mentor, or business trainer, she is your soulmate whom you need so much when creating something so important as a new life and business.”

When I was joining the program, I was at a turning point in my life when after 26 years I left the corporate world knowing just one thing — my formula for being there was over. I knew well it was time to build my own business and brand but I was only starting out and had no clue what direction to take. The program with Anna was a deeply transformative journey for me, in which I discovered my true desires, superpowers and talents step by step. Anna created a working space in which I felt safe and authentic. She helped me tap into deep layers of my creativity that have built a strong foundation for my business. She patiently followed me and my process, while knowing perfectly well when I was ready for the first or next step. Professional and high-quality training materials and tools were indispensable and inspiring support in the process of creating a vision, new strategy and determining my next steps. Anna helped me open a door that I did not know existed, recall what I missed, awaken what was inside of me and build what I dreamed of. On this journey Anna is not only a coach, a mentor, or business trainer, she is your soulmate whom you need so much when creating something so important as a new life and business. Here is a new and authentic me — and wholeheartedly grateful for this experience. If you are where I was a few months ago and want to create your brand and business, do not struggle on your own, get yourself help and choose Anna.

Kasia Pawłowska, Poland

One-on-one coaching client


What You’re Getting

Live Group Coaching Calls

Every week you can participate in a group coaching session in an intimate group of women who are on the same journey. These calls will empower you, provide clarity, confidence and inspiration — all you need to stay on track.


Powerful Content

You’ll have access to powerful content for each pillar of the programme in the form of workbooks, checklists, video and audio, which will equip you with proven tools to create your dream life and business. Additionally, bonus content will be created per your request.

Connection & Support

You’ll have access to a private Facebook group where you can share your experience, get candid feedback, receive ongoing support and simply connect with your mastermind sisters. It’s so much more fun to build a business in good company.

Feedback & Accountability

Although my sessions are filled with love and support, I will also challenge you. You’ll receive a great deal of accountability and feedback when needed to make sure you stay on track. Well-designed goals will empower and motivate you every week.

Outcome after 6 months

The programme has been designed to bring radical shifts in your life and business, while fully honouring your needs, desires and life purpose. Depending on the stage of your business and your specific needs (and provided you do the work) after 6 months you may walk away with pretty epic results…

  a new (or refined) direction in life and business aligned with your purpose, values, needs and true identity;

  clarity on your dream lifestyle following your heart’s desires and calling, and a step-by step strategy to actually live it;

  radically increased self-awareness and upgraded mindset leading to tangible changes in your life & business;

  a solid business strategy that honours who you are, what you stand for and how you want to work;

  a purpose-aligned brand that is in integrity with your personal values and supporting your preferred lifestyle;

  authentic messaging that consistently (and unapologetically) conveys your truth and inspires others;

  unwavering confidence sharing your message with the world and getting in front of the right audience;

  laser clarity on your soulmate clients and their high-priority problem that you address in your work;

  a content strategy that truly connects you with your ideal client (and is aligned with your zone of genius);

 a leading product that’s simply irresistible to your ideal client;

  a clear business model in place that supports your dream lifestyle and personal goals;

  a high-converting website or sales page;

  connection-based relationships leading to paying clients following your business model;

  new level of personal and collective leadership;

  and last but definitely not least: a STEADY INCOME earned by doing what you love and feel called to do!


Clients’ Love

Anna has a true gift for asking powerful questions that completely change your perspective. She also has a unique ability to discern and point out weaknesses, inconsistencies, potential pitfalls and dangers. She gave me a strong sense of security and confidence making me feel safe by being guided by someone who was at the top of her game and watched over the entire process. Anna doesn’t give up easily and is a great motivator when our lazy part wants to take over. She won’t allow you to rest on your laurels, while being extremely supportive and always creating a joyous and loving space. In addition to being a great business coach, Anna is also a good and noble human being, which is a rare and unique combination. This process has been one of best investments I’ve made. I wholeheartedly recommend working with Anna.

Magdalena Czaja, Poland

Lovefiting , One-on-one coaching client

Anna is an inexhaustible source of inspiration, motivation and support. Working with her was a unique experience and turned out to be a major breakthrough in my life and career.  She raised the bar of my transformation by taking me and my business on an intensely evolutive journey. Working with her helped me maximize my unique potential by entering on the path of my true destiny and following my heart with courage and trust. She provided a safe and sacred space along with the professional support I needed to make a quantum leap forward. In addition to plenty of business support, I also received a lot of emotional and spiritual guidance. I’m so grateful to have been able to tap into her high-vibrational energy, experience, wisdom, richness and knowledge.

Sabina, Poland

Serce Kosmosu, One-on-one coaching client


Have Unsheakable Confidence in Yourself and Your Business?

“The programme has changed me fundamentally in myriad positive ways – I feel more confident in myself and in my business, I feel I have the tools to build my business and the awareness to see when my mindset is letting me get in my own way! I have a wealth of resources to call upon to give myself the boost I need when I am flagging or feeling lost. I have a group of amazing women who I can now call friends and who understand the journey I am on and will support me completely.”

The programme taught me so much – not only did I learn strategy but I also learnt that mindset and energy and confidence are key to running a soulful business. I built my business knowledge and understanding from the ground up whilst also building my self-confidence and feelings of self-worth in the process. It has changed me fundamentally in myriad positive ways – I feel more confident in myself and in my business, I feel I have the tools to build my business and the awareness to see when my mindset is letting me get in my own way! I have a wealth of resources to call upon to give myself the boost I need when I am flagging or feeling lost. I have a group of amazing women who I can now call friends and who understand the journey I am on and will support me completely. In practical terms, I have started a successful podcast which is now bringing me clients in a totally organic way whilst giving value on a weekly basis to people around the world! I am proud that I am now selling my course to clients and that I have clear message around my product that people can relate to and are attracted to. Anna has been a pillar of strength and support for all of us over the period of the course, and the echos of that positive love and encouragement still reverberate and will do so for some time. She is SO present for the clients of the SoulBiz Lab – always there to help on Facebook, always so helpful and asking those difficult questions that will push you through and out the other side of any blockages that you come across.

Rosanne Nieboer

The Chakra Way, The SoulBiz Lab Client

A unique opportunity to…

build your business in a small group of like-minded women who are joined in the effort of creating more freedom, fulfilment, purpose and impact.


Clients’ Love

Partnering with Anna has been not only incredibly helpful, enriching and encouraging, but it was a joyful experience filled with great learning curves. As a psychologist, I am quite critical towards the options and the support I can get, and she really made a positive impact on me. Her holistic approach was exactly what I needed as I got key learnings about my business, mindset and daily routines.

Radina Nedyalkova, Ireland

Vox Advisory, One-on-one coaching client

Anna is a kind, intuitive, knowledgeable and inspiring transformational coach. She helped me create a unique marketing strategy aligned with my core values and strengths after months of struggle and overwhelm. Her empathetic approach allowed me to feel safe and supported while connecting to my “why” and sharing my message authentically and easily. Anna is truly a gem!

Kimberly Letona, USA

One-on-one coaching client


Programme Highlights


Business clarity and customised strategy for your specific business needs (not someone else’s) 


Energetic work to help you reconnect and realign with what you truly need and desire

Tech & Systems

Hands-on knowledge and support in navigating the online space and tech systems


Proven value-driven process of selling with integrity without losing your soul and being salesy


Proven online marketing strategies and tools that will make your brand shine in the online world


Solutions to actual problems you’re facing provided on a regular basis which means no ‘stuck’ moments


Deep mindset work to keep you in the game when you feel like giving up or sabotaging your dreams


Support of like-minded women who are on the same journey and will inspire and motivate you


Turn an Idea into a Money-Making Company?

“Through Anna’s 6 months SoulBiz Lab programme, I turned my Facebook page and group into my own, real money-making company. Selling from the soul. I learned that my company is an extension of me. My heart and soul. So before I could make the jump into this amazing new adventure, I had to learn A LOT about me! Even before my company was up, I was able to change my life drastically for the better! I thought building a company would take even more time away of my already busy schedule, being a full-time mum with a full-time job next to it. I ended up creating more time and space for my family than before I had my company and my other obligations!”

I had an idea for a company. I started with a Facebook page and a group. And it worked! People noticed and were interested in my knowledge! And then I thought… Now what? Through Anna’s 6 months SoulBiz Lab programme, I turned my Facebook page and group into MY own, real money-making company. Selling from the soul. I learned that my company is an extension of me. My heart and soul. So before I could make the jump into this amazing new adventure, I had to learn A LOT about me! Even before my company was up, I was able to change my life drastically for the better! I thought building a company would take even more time away of my already busy schedule, being a full-time mum with a full-time job next to it. I ended up creating MORE time and space for my family than before I had my company and my other obligations! To me, it’s one of the biggest achievements I made in this programme! The SoulBiz Lab is not about Anna telling you what to do. It is about Anna giving you a framework full of knowledge. A framework to find yourself and at the same time, learning about how to set up your company. It is intense learning and hard work, putting all you learn into practice on the spot. And because of that, you really make the knowledge your own to use it full of confidence long after the programme. And through all there is Anna, supporting you in all those months intensely, celebrating your wins, lifting you up during hard times, pushing you when you think you cannot continue. If you want to start your company in a way that it stands firmly showing the world who you really are, I full-heartedly recommend Anna and her SoulBiz Lab!

Martine Hoezee, Belgium

Project Happinezz, The SoulBiz Lab Client


Clients’ Love

Anna brings an almost magical quality to her coaching. Her passion to help people is so genuine that I felt like an old friend was talking things through with me. Her enthusiasm is so strong and heartfelt, it is impossible not to feel comfortable. She has a natural ability for coaching, connecting to my issues with ease. Within only 60 minutes, she identified where I was blocked and gave me ideas for ways to work through it. With only one call, she has changed how I will approach this next phase in my life. If you are looking for someone that will truly connect with you as a person, as well as what you are going through, I would highly recommend Anna.

Karen Stephen, UK

One-on-one coaching client

Anna came to me in a moment where I was so unclear of what to do in my business and she helped refocus myself, and gave me the advice I needed. I followed it and things started flowing. She took definitely part in why my business is growing more successful each and every day ? Thank you Anna, for seeing clearly through all my clutter and getting me organized with clear action steps to follow!

Jennifer Schlueter, Germany

One-on-one coaching client


One Decision Away from Changing Your Life?

“Anna is such a healing presence, who also has a huge amount of knowledge and insight when it comes to growing a business that’s in alignment with who you are. In just one session I experienced a big shift in my perception of myself and in my ability to move my business forward.”

I did an energy healing session with Anna to help me work through some issues around clarity and some old self-worth and confidence blocks that I knew had been holding me back from growing my business. I’d been working on them myself for months, but felt like I’d reached a wall and didn’t know how to work through it. I knew Anna was the right person to support me through this, because I knew the next step would involve some deep inner work, but as I knew she would be, she was such a calm and nurturing presence through the process, and was able to give me the safe space I needed to find clarity and move forward. During our session we worked through the Chakra system and talked about the feelings and blocks that came up in the different areas of my life. I was amazed at how spot on her observations were, and she was both supportive and insightful, quickly able to cut to the root of an issue, and offer actionable solutions that felt good and easy to follow through. I left our session feeling so much lighter and with a totally new perspective. Anna is such a healing presence, who also has a huge amount of knowledge and insight when it comes to growing a business that’s in alignment with who you are. In just one session I experienced a big shift in my perception of myself and in my ability to move my business forward.

Cate Butler Ross, UK

One-on-one coaching client

How will this all exactly work?
This programme is a powerful blend of strategy, mindset and energy work which means you’re fully covered on your soulful business journey. First of all, you’ll get six powerful workbooks; one for each pillar of the programme to help you get to YOUR answers as opposed to following someone else’s blueprint. You’ll do them at your own pace and bring all your questions to our live sessions. Secondly, with access to the SoulBiz MemberSpace, you’ll get comprehensive video training for each of the pillars so you know exactly what to do and how to do it. This includes strategy training, mindset tools, tech tutorials, etc. Finally (and more importantly!), you’ll have access to two live calls per week — one for strategy and one for mindset. During these calls, you’ll have access to Anna and can be coached/mentored on anything that you need support with and connect with other women in the programme. If you opt for the VIP package with 1:1 support, you’ll also get 6 x 90-minute private sessions and daily voice-messaging support from Anna to go even deeper and speed up your process. In addition to these live calls, you’ll have access to a private FB group where you can get your feedback, inspiration and motivation on a daily basis. Last but not least, the amazing bonuses you’ll have access to will provide additional tools of the trade that you’ll find extremely useful on your journey (templates, checklists and… a 5-day live workshop on selling without losing your soul). How cool is that?
How much time do I need to invest in the programme?
It all depends on you, your availability and the need you have to advance in your business. As a rule, the more time you invest, the deeper you will be able to dive. The minimum I recommend weekly is 3—3.5 hours (2 hours for live calls: 2 x 90-minute sessions and 0.5—1 hour to go through the materials, watch the video content and fill in your workbooks as this is where your insights will be brought to light). Plus of course, all the time you spend showing up, sharing your gifts with your audience, creating new content and connecting with your clients. But this you need to do anyway if you are serious about your business. Otherwise, you just have an expensive hobby…
What happens in the live sessions?
Every week you can join two live coaching + mentoring sessions on Zoom, 60-90 mins of duration each (depending on the group’s needs that day). They are not obligatory; however, I do encourage you to participate in as many live sessions as possible — this is usually where the breakthrough happens.

One session will be dedicated to mindset+energy work and one to strategy+marketing. I specifically designed the programme this way so that you have access to all-encompassing high-touch support every week untypical of the coaching industry (the tendency is one call weekly or fortnightly!). The sessions will have a loose formula meaning I’ll introduce a topic of the week and then I will coach/mentor you on your specific struggles, challenges, or just answer some questions you may have on your journey. You’ll also learn a lot just by listening to others being coached, which is a huge value of this programme (sometimes you just don’t know what you don’t know and listening to others being coached opens your eyes to so many new things). You’ll also get a chance to get feedback from other women in the programme.

How quickly can I expect to see changes in my business?
Again, it all depends on you! And to be precise, on your personal situation, the stage of your business and of course… the right mindset (that’s why Pillar 1 is all about mindset and energy!). I’ve had clients who saw positive results literally within the first month of working with me, and others who needed a few months along with my intensive 1:1 coaching to work through some deeper mindset blocks, fears, or imposter syndrome A lot is down to your readiness and openness to do the work, which can definitely speed up the whole process. And finally, your results will also depend on the time investment you’re ready to take each week to work through the programme content and spend in the live sessions. There’s a lot of content included in the programme and the deeper you delve into it, the better outcome you can expect.
How will I grow through this programme?
In so many ways — where do I even begin? First of all, through the powerful strategy I’ll lay out in front of you every month through the pillar work — you’ll get access to comprehensive video training and self-discovery workbooks that will open your eyes to all the ways you want to live and do business (forget cookie-cutter strategies!). Secondly, through the power of mindset coaching, which will help you get to the core of the problem and provide proven transformation techniques in whatever area you’re struggling with — visibility, going live for the first time, putting yourself out there, having a sales call, etc). Thirdly, by connecting with other women and exchanging feminine energy that we all need. Lastly, by sharing your story and listening. You’ll be exposed to many different standpoints, views, perspectives and businesses. You’ll receive feedback, tips and inspiration from other participants and myself. You’ll also learn a great deal by listening to the stories and struggles of others who will all be a powerful mirror for you.
I've never invested this much in myself or my business — how can you guarantee results?
The truth is I can’t! What I can promise you though is a potent roadmap to any outcome you desire and a great deal of support untypical of the coaching industry (both on the strategy, mindset and energy front) and walking with you every step of the way to turn your dreams into reality. I’ll be your greatest cheerleader but if you need a gentle kick in the butt, I won’t shy away from it either. If you are ready to put in the work with this amount of strategy, marketing, tech, mindset and energetic support, you’re well prepared to achieve the boldest goals! As for the investment… I do realise it’s not a small investment. I’ve personally invested thousands of dollars in my personal and business growth in order to learn from the best in the industry and today I want to share it all with you. The question is how much is it costing you not to invest in yourself and your business? How much are you actually losing by not having a solid strategy, ongoing support and working on your mindset? How much longer will it take you to fulfill your dreams of having a sustainable soulful business? How much longer do you want to stay on the sidelines as opposed to playing BIG and making the impact and income you deserve and the world needs so much today?
6 months is a long time — does this mean I won't make income until I'm done?
Absolutely not! We’ll work on getting in front of the right client and selling with soul throughout the whole programme. While it’s essential to establish who your soulmate client is and what exactly you offer them (strategy!), you’ll get your weekly motivation to show up, share your gifts and sell with integrity pretty much from day one (mindset + energy). It’s all up to you how you use it. I’ll work my magic to keep you accountable but ultimately it’s totally up to you if you put in the work and take action. As much as I believe in the power of manifestation, I’m definitely NOT one of those coaches who promise results without putting in the work. We do have a curriculum — an all-encompassing roadmap to a soulful business — your work however will not be limited to this curriculum in any way. In fact, you’ll use it as your self-discovery roadmap that you can always go back to and revise (at any stage of your business — which my clients often do). In our live sessions, I’ll coach you on whatever you need support to bring your vision to reality. This programme is very hands-on and if it is your intention to start (or continue) creating income right away, you can do so as soon as we have a solid (and soul-aligned) game plan. I’m all for aligned and inspired action that’s based on a solid strategy and supported by the right mindset.
What if I'm an aspiring entrepreneur?

Then this programme may not be the right fit for you. It is specifically designed for women who are in their early stages of business meaning they know what they do and how they help others — they just need powerful support to make it all work in a soulful (and strategic) way. With that being said, I don’t require that your business be a registered entity — what I’m really interested in is your goals for the next 6-12 months. You may still be in your 9-5 job but are working hard behind the scenes on your side hustle in order to make the switch to entrepreneurship this year. Or… you may be further along on your business journey and are looking to take your business to the online space (and next level!) this year so you can increase your impact while working from the comfort of your home. The best way to establish if this programme is a good fit for you is scheduling a free 30-minute call so we can chat and see what could work for you best: https://calendly.com/miannah/discovery

Why work in a women's group?

There’s a huge shift happening in women’s consciousness and I’m happy to see that women are ready to go back to the roots and work together, supporting each other as they have done over thousands of years, gathering in circles to share experiences, struggles and stories. Today, we are ready to bring the concept of a women’s circle to the next level, by gathering to support each other not only in life but also in business by offering candid feedback, different perspectives and authentic connections. How beautiful is that?

You can, of course, achieve your goals on your own; however, it will certainly take much longer. By being in a group, you benefit from the powerful accumulation of everyone’s energy. Listening to the ideas and experiences of other group members gives you access to their different perspectives and viewpoints. But most importantly, it can also give you the inspiration and belief that your seemingly unreachable goals and deeply hidden desires are all totally feasible. The support and belief of others has the power to lift you, give you courage and reduce your fears. And suddenly, you feel like your dreams are completely achievable. And this newfound power is crucial in taking the next step.

How many women will be enroled in the programme?

This programme will consist of no more than 10 women, which, I believe, is an intimate enough group to open up, share and work in the spirit of true sisterhood, while providing the necessary feedback and ‘checking board’ for your ideas, challenges and struggles. It has been designed for like-minded women on a similar business journey; yet with enough diversity to inspire and challenge each other. Therefore, it’s an application-only programme and I’m investing time to chat with each applicant to make sure we are all aligned and can support each other in the most powerful way.

What if I can't participate in a live coaching session?

Don’t worry – we all sometimes need to opt out as we have other commitments. I would encourage you to do your best to participate in the live sessions, which will be scheduled in advance, as this is where your greatest breakthrough will probably come from. However, if you’re not able to participate, you can still ask your questions in our private FB group, plus… there will always be another live call. This programme provides plenty of high-touch support which is quite untypical of group coaching. Two sessions per week is a lot of time to get your fair amount of strategy, motivation, inspiration and accountability.

What if I'm not on Facebook?
No worries! I do encourage you to consider joining it; however, a Facebook account is not required to delve into the experience. Most of the support will be given by means of the group coaching sessions, and the FB group is just a supporting tool. It is a space where you can share your journey with other participants. It’s a great way to stay on track and motivated. It’s also where you can ask your questions in between calls or if you’re unable to participate in a live session. Even if you’re not a regular Facebook user, you can simply use your account to join us in the private group and engage with the course participants there.
How does the payment plan option work?
I made it super easy! If it’s more accessible for you to break the payment down, you can pay by instalments every single month before the next coaching month starts. NOTE: this does NOT mean you can join the programme on a monthly basis — what you’re enroling in is a full 6-month package paid in instalments to make it more affordable for you.
What is your refund policy?
Transformation work is not something that you try; it is something that you commit to. This programme is for people who understand that and who are ready to do the work and get results. It is my intention for you to be happy with your programme and because I have invested considerable time and effort in this programme, the investment is non-refundable. By purchasing it, you’re getting access to a wealth of knowledge and a great deal of support building your new life and business and as long as you are truly committed to studying and putting it into practice, you’ll see results every single week.


Frequently Asked Questions

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