Rise & Shine Sistermind

for driven women who are ready to radically transform their life in a holistic way

so they can thrive in their relationships, career and health





I Know What It’s Like to…

feel a deep disconnect within myself

experience a debilitating feeling of ‘stuckness’

live with extreme anxiety that keeps me up at night

notice recurring patterns I don’t know how to break out of

feel constant pressure to perform, achieve, accomplish or be something

be stuck in a job or career that pays the bills but doesn’t actually fill my soul

keep proving to the world that I’m worthy while I never feel good enough myself

swing between the victim mentality and blaming myself for the way my life is

become stuck in unhealthy relationships that are not serving me

be out of touch with my body and ignore its signals for years

feel exhausted, depleted and out of harmony

wonder if it’s really all there is to life…


This was me years ago

Just five years ago I was busy working my way up the corporate ladder and fulfilling someone else’s expectations. I worked crazy hours trying to prove myself, the world, my boss and my partner that I’m worthy and deserving (of love, time, attention, position or salary). I seldom questioned my life purpose and never asked myself about my soul’s desires. I was completely out of touch with my body which showed through years-long hormonal disorders, hair loss problems, weight swings and sugar addiction. The relationships I found myself in were neither healthy nor nourishing; in fact, many of them were draining and harmful. My adventurous and fun-loving self was suffocated by my high-achieving, criticising and not-feeling-good-enough self.



A different way does exist

I’ve gone from a high-performing (and high-functioning!) corporate businesswoman leading a seemingly happy yet unfulfilling life to a location-independent soul-led entrepreneur travelling the planet, following her heart, contributing to a better world and helping other women do the same. The experience of my personal transformation paired with my expertise in coaching, Eastern Philosophies, yoga, chakra and energy work obtained in various parts of the world offers a powerful and truly life-changing blend.

Welcome Sister


Loving Support, Candid Feedback,

Powerful Tools & Different Perspectives

Are you determined to create a rich, nourishing and meaningful life and will not settle for anything less? Are you ready to get out of your comfort zone, take a solid review of your life, identify major blocks that are holding you back, release old patterns and heal yourself on a holistic level? Are you willing to do the deep inner work in order to start shining brightly and living up to your full potential? Are you committed to living intentional life aligned with your true purpose? Are you ready to thrive and be supported by like-minded women who share the same fears, struggles, challenges and battles?


A New Life…

in which you’ve uncovered and healed your recurring patterns, deeply-rooted beliefs and old wounds that have been preventing you from living your truest self. A life that you get to choose and consciously create every single day, and don’t just have to put up with. A life full of enriching experiences, nourishing relationships, great health, wellbeing and wonderful abundance. That’s how I now live my life and I know you can do too.


Where Modern Coaching

Meets Ancient Chakra Wisdom

in an Online Women’s Circle

I’m thrilled to invite you to a deeply transformative four-month group coaching programme for women in their 30s + who are ready to radically transform their life in a holistic way so they can thrive and flourish in their relationships, career and health. It has been designed to help you reach your potential and live your purpose through a unique fusion of modern transformational coaching tools and the powerful ancient chakra wisdom.


What It Would Feel Like…

to live a life of purpose activating your fullest potential as a woman, partner, wife, lover, mother, sister, friend, leader, entrepreneur, and be supported by like-minded women who will walk with you every step of the way?


The Modules

The programme is an inner discovery journey consisting of eight practical modules combining the ancient chakra wisdom and modern group coaching techniques. Every other week we’ll explore in-depth processes related to specific energy centres, uncovering your hidden blocks and working to release them, making space for a new paradigm and rewriting your story.


In Module 1 we’ll build a foundation for the discovery process. We can’t tap into our highest potential if our most crucial needs aren’t met and we’ll work on identifying and addressing them.

MODULE 2 | CORE VALUES | Heart Chakra

Module 2 will be dedicated to exploring our core essence, what we stand for and what will be our soul compass on the journey of self-discovery and sisterhood. The heart chakra will guide us through different aspects of love.

MODULE 3 | CORE FEELINGS | Sacral Chakra

Module 3 will be all about using feelings as a powerful compass for navigating everyday life situations and decisions. By connecting with the sacral chakra, we’ll learn how to harness the power of emotions.

MODULE 4 | PURPOSE & VISION | Third Eye Chakra

Module 4 will be devoted to discovering the reason we’re here and how we can fulfil this supercharged passion by serving the world. We’ll tap into our intuition to help us align with our highest purpose and life vision.

MODULE 5 | CORE BELIEFS | Crown Chakra

In Module 5 we’ll identify our deeply rooted beliefs and see how they influence our lives on a subconscious level. We’ll also learn how to transform our limiting beliefs to support us in achieving our new vision.

MODULE 6 | IDENTITY | Throat Chakra

Module 6 will be dedicated to embodying an identity that will become an integral part of fulfilling our life vision through communication, self-expression, verbal and non-verbal language as well as the energy we put out to the world.

MODULE 7 | ALIGNED ACTION | Solar Plexus Chakra

In Module 7 we’ll plan and take aligned inspired action to fulfil the vision in tune with our purpose, core values, needs and feelings. The powerful solar plexus chakra will help us connect with our own agency to make things happen.


In Module 8 we’ll summarise the work we’ve done over the past seven weeks and define how our vision and goals can be integrated into our everyday life after the programme. In this module, we’ll tap into powerful tools and techniques to truly bring our heart’s desires and vision to life.

How Will This Programme Help You?



  • take a thorough review of your life through a powerful framework provided by the ancient chakra wisdom complemented by modern coaching tools;
  • face the blocks that are holding you back from living and leading from your heart;
  • reprogramme your limiting beliefs and address harmful patterns in which you’ve been operating, sometimes for years;
  • (re)discover your life purpose and a way of actually living it to establish a new direction and create a solid foundation to embody it;
  • develop a better relationship with yourself, cultivating self-love, self-respect and acceptance on a daily basis
  • become a part of a supportive women’s circle where you can be honest, vulnerable and unapologetically authentic without the fear of being judged or rejected;
  • work in a safe space and a unique format that respects individuality, harnessing the power of the collective women’s mind.


Why a Women’s Circle?

There’s a huge shift happening in women’s consciousness and I’m happy to see that women are ready to go back to the roots and work together, supporting each other as they have done over thousands of years, gathering in circles to share experiences, struggles, stories and feelings. If you – like many other women I’ve been working with – are seeking loving support, candid feedback, authentic connections and different perspectives, I’m delighted to invite you to this sistermind.


What You’re Getting

Live Group Coaching Calls

Every other week you’ll participate in a 90-minute group coaching session in an intimate women-only group of max. 7 people.


Printable Materials

You’ll get printable materials for each module with an overview of each part of the process and information on the corresponding energy centre that will help you go deeper into your journey.

Weekly Q&A Live Streams

In addition to the live calls, you’ll get a chance to ask all your questions and get additional tips during weekly live Q&A sessions covering the topic of the week and related processes.


Self-Discovery Workbooks

Each module is accompanied by a workbook with powerful coaching questions and prompts that you can journal with to get even more insight and deepen your self-discovery journey.

Connection & Support

You’ll have access to a secret Facebook group where you can share your experience, get feedback, ongoing support and simply enjoy the presence of other women on the same journey.

Proven Tools

You will be equipped with proven coaching tools, techniques and exercises that will help you to reach your truth and reconnect with your inner essence step by step.



Embark on a sacred journey of transformation together with like-minded women

After the Programme…

Four months is a long time if you’re truly ready, dedicated and committed (and this programme is only for such women!) and if you embrace the learnings you can expect profound shifts in your life.


  • with an intimate knowledge of yourself and radically increased self-awareness and clarity on the blocks that are preventing you from living your desired life;

  • with a new direction in life aligned with your purpose, values, needs and true identity;
  • with an upgraded mindset that will make you feel unstoppable and lead to tangible changes in the areas of love, relationships, work and finances;

  • with a healthy relationship with self which will translate into a nourishing, abundant and fulfilling life;

  • feeling happy in your skin and body with radically increased body awareness;

  • with deep, authentic, real connections with other female participants that may, in some shape and form, stay in your life long term;
  • Feeling more radiant and glowing with you inner light than ever before!


What Others Are Saying

Thanks to Anna I realized how much I want to explore the world and that I’m able to do it – sooner than later. I know I can always change my life for better – no excuses! If we really want something, we can have it – with some commitment, patience and… faith in yourself and the power of self-exploration. Thanks to Anna, I began this journey, participating in her weekend workshop ‘Balanced in Big City’. Anna absolutely rose to the challenge – she was fully focussed on the group and managed to condense and pin down a great deal of knowledge to a few most important points. Her goal was to give us tools to use in our everyday lives. Not only was the workshop full of useful know-how, but also allowed me to meet and connect with interesting new people. Anna is a great motivator and teacher. I’m very thankful for her commitment, positive energy, and strong yet peaceful personality – all of which helped me change my life for the better.

Anna, Poland

'Balanced in Big City' Workshop Participant (Krakow, 2017)

The Miannah Chakra Course was one of the most enlightening experiences of my life. A few weeks of knowledge sharing, wisely suited guidance and experience of not only Anna, but also other participants, made me feel more secure, encouraged and powerful. What was particularly useful is the overview of some brief mindfulness exercises, which you can easily put in life whenever and wherever you can, despite constant rush. Anna is an exceptional, wise person, who surely can help you to find the right balance and prompt your positive energy. I am truly grateful for all the tips and life coaching examples, which helped me to improve the quality of thinking and experiencing the world, even during the most challenging life moments. Thank you so much Anna!

Wera, Italy

September '18 edition of Miannah Chakra Course Participant

The “Balanced in Big City” workshops with Anna are extraordinary. So is the power of women attending them from whom – under Anna’s guidance – I was able to learn so much. The exercises are effective and easy-to-do in everyday life. They really bring results in being more mindful and establishing connection with yourself. It definitely is worth spending time with a valuable person to become a bit better yourself.

Agata, Poland

'Balanced in Big City' Workshop Participant (Krakow, 2017)


Your Guide & Facilitator

Hello sister, I’m Anna. I’m a transformational guide, a life coach, a yoga and meditation teacher, an intuitive healer, a world traveller, a curious life explorer, a business mentor and a soul-led entrepreneur.

I help women globally to reach their potential and shine brightly by providing a safe space, tools and guidance for healing and awakening their POWERful femininity.

In my work, I blend life and transformational coaching, modern psychology and over a decade of leadership and business experience with yoga, meditation, mindfulness and energy healing. I incorporate holistic arts derived from different cultures and philosophies in which I immersed myself during four years of travelling the globe, studying and training. This unique fusion of tools allows me to tune into the natural energy of my clients.

Among the many concepts I employ, the chakra system is an essential part of my work, as it gives me a deeper insight into the matter of things going far beyond our conscious, practical mind. All I teach I learned, and most importantly practised, at the very source – in various parts of Asia – training in energy healing in Cambodia, spending time in Buddhist monasteries in Thailand and completing a 200 hr yoga teacher training in India. I’ll be thrilled to be your guide on this journey!


Your Spot

There are only 7 spots available in this sistermind so don’t wait too long to book your spot and transform your life alongside like-minded women.

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Radically transform your life in a holistic way and embody a new way of being that is aligned with your soul’s desires and life purpose?

How Will we Work?

We will work over the course of four months and each week will be filled with knowledge, practical exercises, live Q&A sessions and live group coaching calls based on the mastermind format in the sisterhood spirit.


Every other Monday, you’ll get access to a new module, uncovering materials to work with over the following seven days. You’ll do the work at your own pace sharing your journey (along with challenges and successes) in our secret Facebook group. This is also a time for absorbing the information and asking questions.


The following week, I’ll connect with you live during a Q&A session to provide more clarification on the topics covered, go deeper into the practical exercises and answer your most mind-boggling questions.


Every other weekend we’ll connect on Zoom during a 90-minute live group coaching call using the mastermind format when each participant will have their sacred time to share their challenge/struggle/question and receive support, ideas and tips from other participants as well as myself.

Why work in a group?

You can, of course, heal and achieve your goals on your own; however, it will certainly take much longer. By being in a group, you benefit from the powerful accumulation of everyone’s energy. Listening to the ideas and experiences of other group members gives you access to their different perspectives and viewpoints. But most importantly, it can also give you the inspiration and belief that your seemingly unreachable goals and deeply hidden desires are all totally feasible. The support and belief of others has the power to lift you, give you courage and reduce your fears. And suddenly, you feel like your dreams are completely achievable. And this newfound power is crucial in taking the next step.

What is sistermind?

This programme is based on the sistermind format which is essentially a combination of a women’s circle and a mastermind. The concept of a mastermind was coined by Napoleon Hill in the 1920s. He called it “the coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony”. In his view, “no two minds ever come together without thereby creating a third, invisible intangible force, which may be likened to a third mind [the master mind].” A mastermind group consists of several people working together regularly to achieve their individual goals, with the support, ideas and energy of each other. It is based on an exchange of views and experiences, as well as setting and implementing specific goals, for which we then take responsibility before other participants. Members of the group motivate, inspire, empathise and lift each other, whilst aiming at achieving their own goals within one common area. In addition to the value of working in a group during the meeting itself, you will get the unique opportunity to also get their support outside of weekly meetings. Masterminds connect like-minded people and allow you to take advantage of their experience, and this is priceless!

What sistermind is NOT?

► a course that will give you answers on a plate – these you will have to look for yourself as they are within you. This search will, however, be a fascinating adventure!

► training that doesn’t require input and involvement – engagement with the group is essential, so make sure you’re open to this before signing up

► the course during which we will tap into the smallest technical details of your project – the sistermind will allow you to choose the optimal strategy and ensure that you implement it systematically – but you will have to take care of the finer details yourself.

What are the chakras?

The word “chakra” comes from Sanskrit (the sacred language of Hinduism) and means a wheel, circle, disc, or centre. According to the religious and philosophical beliefs of the Far East (mainly Hinduism and Buddhism, but also those of the Egyptians, Sufis, and Chinese), chakras are seven energy centres throughout our body where energy channels intersect and concentrate. Chakras are the hubs of your energy management: they receive it, transform it, and transmit it onward. They are located along the central channel of the body from the base of the spine to the top of the head. Every day we will work on each of the 7 individual chakras, understanding their roles and meanings.

Why work with the chakras?

How does changing your life for the best sound? Each chakra governs different processes in our daily experience and operates on a different energy spectrum, or vibration, managing different aspects of our holistic-self. Our emotions, physical condition, and state of mind all affect how each chakra filters energy. This, in turn, determines the type of energy we send out to the world, and what kind of interactions we create, spread, and receive back. While the chakras will not be our main focus in the programme, they will provide a roadmap for the process. If you want to explore the chakras in detail, enroll in the Miannah Chakra Course which provides in-depth knowledge of the chakra system.

How will we work?

We will work over the course of four months and each week will be filled with knowledge, practical exercises, live Q&A sessions and live group coaching calls based on the mastermind+sisterhood format. Every other Monday, you’ll get access to a new module, uncovering materials to work with over the following 14 days. You’ll do the work at your own pace sharing your journey (along with challenges and successes) in our secret Facebook group. This is also a time for absorbing the information and asking questions. The following week, I’ll connect with you live during a Q&A session to provide more clarification on the topics covered, go deeper into the practical exercises and answer your most mind-boggling questions. Every other weekend we’ll connect on Zoom during a 90-minute live group coaching call using the mastermind+sisterhood formula when each participant will have their sacred time to share their challenge/struggle/question and receive support, ideas and tips from other participants as well as myself.

What will I get access to?

Enrolling in the programme, you will get access to:

  • Weekly live group coaching sessions
  • Workbooks with powerful tools inspired by the ancient chakra wisdom and modern coaching
  • Ongoing connection and support
  • A true sense of belonging and sisterhood.
How will I grow through this sistermind?

In so many ways! First of all, through the powerful framework that the ancient chakra system provides – it’s been guiding people for centuries and its potency as a diagnostic and healing tool on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level is unquestionable. Secondly, through the power of modern coaching, which will help you get to the core of the problem and provide proven transformation techniques. Thirdly, by connecting with other women and exchanging feminine energy that we all need. Lastly, by sharing your story and listening. You’ll be exposed to many different standpoints, views and perspectives. You’ll receive feedback, tips and inspiration from other participants and myself. You’ll also learn a great deal by listening to the stories and struggles of others who will all be a powerful mirror for you.

How much time will I need to invest?

Again, it all depends on you, your availability and the need you have to do the work. As a rule, the more time you invest, the deeper you will be able to dive. The minimum I recommend weekly is 2.5 hours (1.5 hours for a live call/Q&A session and 1 hour to go through the materials and journal your discoveries as this is where your insights will be brought to light).

How much will I need to reveal?

As much as you’re ready and willing to. As with any other development programme, the results will be largely connected to the degree of your involvement. In this kind of work, probably more than in others, vulnerability will play a key role as, through sharing, it will give you a chance to reach the deepest recesses of yourself, being supported by myself and other participants. My job as a facilitator is to make sure the space is safe and secure to share your biggest fears and struggles without being judged or criticised

How many women will there be in the circle?

This sistermind will consist of max. six women (five participants and myself, the facilitator), which, I believe, is an intimate enough group to open up, share and work in the spirit of true sisterhood. And this is where the biggest breakthrough will probably come from.

What if I can't participate in a live coaching session?

Don’t worry – we all sometimes need to opt out as we have other commitments. I would encourage you to do your best to participate in the live sessions, which will be scheduled in advance, as this is where your greatest breakthrough will probably come from. However, if you’re not able to participate, you will still have access to the session as it will be recorded and made available for later viewing.


Frequently Asked Questions

Still wondering if the programme is suitable for you? Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions I get.

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