Let’s work together!

1:1 Guiding Sessions

As much as I love working in a group and harnessing the power of the collective mind, a one-on-one approach allows us to go even deeper, getting to grips with the problem faster. This leads to figuring out the best way to move forward in much less time, devise a plan, and act upon it.

Mastermind Programmes

A mastermind group consists of several people working together regularly to achieve their individual goals, with the support, ideas and energy of each other. Masterminds connect like-minded people and allow you to take advantage of their experience, and this is priceless!

Transformational Retreats

Miannah retreats are 7-day events designed to find (or reinvent) your purpose in life, restore inner peace, balance and harmony through yoga, meditation, chakra healing, mind and body work while exploring an authentic experience of the country we visit.