Celebrate Life & Biz



for service-based female entrepreneurs looking to create

a nourishing & purpose-aligned LIFE & BIZ on their own terms.




Does this sound like you?

■  You are a passionate and driven woman who wants to make an impact and share her gifts with the world in the most powerful way;

■  You dream of a freedom-based (even location-independent) lifestyle that allows you to travel, explore and to infuse every day with intention;

■ You either already have a service-based business that you want to grow in a strategic way, or a side hustle that you’re passionate about and are ready to finally say HELL YES! to;

■ You are in the creative, education, coaching, healing, therapy, yoga, wellness or consulting fields, and can’t imagine doing anything else because you love being of service to others;

■  You want to be financially, organisationally (and emotionally!) stable in your business;

■  Both meaning, purpose and delivering value are important to you in all you do; as are authentic connections and nourishing relationships with like-minded people;

■  Your desire is to inspire others to live their best lives as you know deep down that’s the only thing that truly counts. At the end of your life, you want to say: “I’ve tried it all, seen it all and lived it all”;

■  You know that to serve others your own cup needs to be full; but although self-care has been on your radar for quite some time, the concept of work-life balance is still hard;

■  Your dreams are big and audacious and you don’t stop hustling – but your efforts aren’t always reflected in your bank account;

■  You don’t want to be grinding all the time; you know that life is for living and you want to build a business around your dream lifestyle – not the other way around;

■  You’re ready to finally uncover blocks around money and shift from a scarcity to an abundance mindset so that your dream life is not just a vision board on your fridge;

■  You’ve tried all the latest marketing strategies and sales techniques but nothing’s working; the clients are still not lining up desperate to work with you;

■  You start questioning  your multi-passionate mind and diverse interests, trying to focus on just one thing, approach or strategy, but deep down you know it’s not your way;

■  You see-saw between procrastination and random action, which means you’re not consistently showing up or powerfully sharing your BIG message;

■ You’re done with playing small and are finally ready to embrace a new level of leadership and take full responsibility for your life & business;

■  You’re READY to go deep within; upgrade your mindset, embrace strategy and create a business that’s a reflection of your true self – because you know that’s the only way it will work for you.


I’ve been there…

(although the details may be slightly different)

In 2015 I quit my corporate job and set out on a year-long travel adventure around the world. At the end of it, one thing I knew for sure; I could never return to my old way of life, or my well-paid job as a marketing executive. It all felt empty to me. But while I was hungry for more freedom and more purpose – I had absolutely no idea how to contribute to the world and make money at the same time. I was ready to do anything to sustain the freedom-based lifestyle I’d enjoyed over the past year though, so I decided to continue to travel the globe, keeping my head above water financially by doing translation work, teaching English, making websites, writing travel articles, speaking at conferences, devising marketing strategies for small businesses and house-sitting. The problem was, my resourcefulness was also my trap. Because although I was location independent, none of these things truly fired me up. I did eventually find my purpose, but that wasn’t the end of the story for me – because even once I realised what I was really meant to do and stopped doing the ‘odd jobs’, I then faced new challenges as an entrepreneur, such as limiting beliefs about money and abundance. I’d gone from earning a juicy corporate executive salary, living in a company-funded apartment in the city centre, to being penniless, alone, and heartbroken in yet another continent. But I wasn’t ready to give up. I knew I wanted to be of service, and I knew I wanted to keep that lifestyle forever, so I made it my mission to find a way.

And as insane as it seemed at the time… I DID.



I’m a transformational life & business coach, a yoga teacher, an intuitive healer and a world traveller. I run a soul-aligned location-independent business that allows me more freedom than I have ever had. I’ve visited 55 countries and counting; lived and worked in more than 20 of them across four continents. I spend my summers in Europe where you can usually find me working in a sweet little café in Spain, Portugal or Greece; practising yoga, hiking or reading a book by the ocean. My winters are spent in Colombia (I love salsa, baby!), Hawaii (my favourite sunsets in the world), Thailand (for curry & those full-body massages!) or the Caribbean (with the turquoise water and more salsa, of course). I trained extensively not only in coaching, marketing and online business, but also in energy healing, chakra work and yoga, combining the best the western world and eastern philosophies have to offer. More importantly though, I went through my own bumpy transformation while travelling the globe, which means that I know a thing or two about life changes, career transitions and getting in touch with my true self. After years of soul-searching, I discovered my zone of genius and now I get to share my gifts with amazing women around the world every single day. I’ve created a successful online brand from scratch; developed beautiful lifelong relationships with my soulmate clients; written an ebook; built an evergreen online course that changes people’s lives every day (and is a steady source of passive income for me); have taught yoga and organised several transformational retreats around the world; and coached hundreds of women online across many different time zones. My business is built on a strong foundation of my personal values, and around my dream lifestyle – not the other way round. I no longer have to choose – I can be my multi-passionate, purpose-driven and authentic self who inspires and empowers people; I don’t have to play small or be limited to just one thing (or place for that matter!) anymore. I get to choose what I do, and there’s nothing more invigorating for me than to jump out of bed to start an exciting new day without fear or anxiety about the direction of my life or its purpose. Instead, I now live with faith and trust that I’m on the right path. MY PATH.


But what about YOU?


on your own terms, in tune with your heart’s desires, free of limiting beliefs, existential fears and mindset blocks. Instead, filled with purpose and intention, full of adventure, passion and nourishing relationships, in which you unapologetically create your reality, serving the world every single day.


that supports your passions and allows you to work from any place on earth and choose how you spend each day. Imagine you have a strong and authentic brand that is a proud reflection of your soul’s purpose and talents. Imagine you build a tribe of like-minded people who not only get you but wholeheartedly support you on your journey. Imagine you have a sustainable business with a steady income that not only pays your bills, but also allows you to fund your deepest dreams and desires…


A powerful space

of life & biz on your own terms

with my 4-month high-touch 1:1 coaching + mentoring


loving support, candid feedback,

proven strategies and powerful tools.


Meet Sabina


Astrologer, podcast host, CEO


Sabina is a Polish astrologer who supports women in connecting with their true nature, sacred femininity and life purpose by means of the wisdom of the planets. She is on a mission to debunk the stereotypical image of astrology, which for many still is a newspaper horoscope, and teaches how to use this potent ancient science as a tool of establishing a deeper connection with self. She is passionate about exploring the cosmic energy and tapping into the wisdom of the Universe to unleash the intelligence of our bodies, minds and spirits so that we can truly thrive in everything we do.

Objectives & Results

Sabina joined the programme on the threshold of one of the biggest life changes — upon taking a decision to leave her corporate job to pursue astrology, which has been her greatest passion and calling for many years. Among her main objectives in the programme was refining her product portfolio, creating effective sales funnel and launching the first astrology podcast in Poland to share her message with the world. On the mindset front, she set out on a journey to identify and release limiting beliefs around money and raise her wealth consciousness. Her desire was to leave behind the employee mentality in order to step fully into the CEO mindset. After four months, Sabina walked away with a well-established astrology brand in Poland, a soul-aligned offer, an inspiring and knowledgeable podcast, first paying (soulmate) clients and brimming with confidence that she’s on the right path.

Anna is an awakened person, a visionary and a ninja woman full of magical superpowers. A true mentor, business leader, spiritual guide and the founder of an awakened brand, she created a life-changing program to transform the female soul and business, supporting you all the way in becoming a true Woman of Power. Working with Anna is an initiation into a profound self-exploration; it’s a portal that will take you deeper into your true potential.

Anna raised the bar of my transformation by taking me and my business on an intensely evolutive journey. Working with her helped me maximize my unique potential by entering on the path of my true destiny and following my heart with courage and trust. She provided a safe and sacred space along with the professional support I needed to make a quantum leap forward. In addition to plenty of business support, I also received a lot of emotional and spiritual guidance. I’m so grateful to have been able to tap into her high-vibrational energy, experience, wisdom, richness and knowledge.

Creating a business is equally exciting as it is demanding. Anna’s program laid a solid foundation for my transformation. It helped me go deeper within and focus on the most important things while providing clarity as well as insight, tools and resources which have been crtitical in reaching my goals. It is thanks to Anna and her program that today I’m experiencing liberation and freedom in my professional life. I released old karma and with a new sense of dignity and trust I’m moving forward on my path of purpose.

The fruits of our work together include my divinely refined offer, wisely selected products tailored to the needs of my happy clients and the first astrology podcast in Poland. By working with Anna, I cleared a lot of limiting beliefs that kept me stuck. Today I actively co-create my daily life and business. I feel a new level of inner strength and a profound sense of fulfillment. I did it! I’m celebrating huge changes in my life. Now I have the knowledge, tools and a conscious business strategy, which informs all my professional activities. I own a prosperous online business. I act with confidence and inner strength.

Anna is an inexhaustible source of inspiration, motivation and support. Working with her was a unique experience and turned out to be a major breakthrough in my life and career. If you too, deep down, feel that only a soul-aligned life of purpose will give you true fulfillment and peace of mind, this program is for you. Anna, I bow to you! Namaste.

Sabina, Poland

One-on-one coaching client

How does it work?

Each month of this 4-month programme is dedicated to a different pillar:

  You’ll start by building the foundation and exploring your deepest desires, dream lifestyle, values, true purpose and anything that stops your from living this life (YOUR SELF).

  You’ll move to creating a strong purpose-aligned brand and develop consistent messaging that will get you in front of the right audience (YOUR BRAND).

    Next, you’ll start attracting (or creating) your tribe by discovering who you really want to work with – both as clients, business partners, collaborators and contributors (YOUR TRIBE).

  Last but not least, you’ll establish a strong foundation for your business by creating a simple yet effective business model, product and pricing strategy, and sales funnel. We’ll also crush any money blocks you may have, so that you can live in true abundance (YOUR BIZ).


Meet Magdalena


Love & Relationship Coach, Mentor, Speaker


Magdalena is a love and relationship coach, workshop leader and speaker based in Warsaw, Poland with a wealth of experience in the coaching, mentoring and training fields. Under the Lovefiting brand, she helps people create a conscious, healthy relationship with self so they can find lasting fulfilment in love. She is passionate about attachment styles and building strong relationships through effective communication.

Objectives & Results

When she joined the programme, Magdalena already had a well-positioned brand offline, and a steady flow of coaching clients. Her objectives in the programme were focused on connecting to her true vision and mission, refining key selling points and narrowing the messaging so that it speaks to her ideal client. As a result, Lovefiting underwent a rebranding process to ensure it reflects the values and true essence of the brand. This was followed by building a solid online presence and creating a new website in order to strengthen its image in the digital space. In terms of her coaching practice, Magdalena’s main goal was to optimise her time spent with clients and set clear boundaries in order to free up some time for strategic planning and content creation.

I joined the program in a very interesting moment of my life. After 20 years of running my own advertising agency, which over years has brought me a lot of recognition and success, I realized my work was no longer fulfilling. As a result, I chose to finally follow my heart and turn my passion into regular income by becoming a relationship coach. This is how Lovefiting® was born. The funny part is that, although for years I was helping others build successful international brands, I found it difficult to do the same for myself. This is when Anna came into play to support me in creating a strategy for my newly-born business. Anna has a true gift for asking powerful questions that completely change your perspective. She also has a unique ability to discern and point out weaknesses, inconsistencies, potential pitfalls and dangers. She gave me a strong sense of security and confidence making me feel safe by being guided by someone who was at the top of her game and watched over the entire process. Anna doesn’t give up easily and is a great motivator when our lazy part wants to take over. She won’t allow you to rest on your laurels, while being extremely supportive and always creating a joyous and loving space. In addition to being a great business coach, Anna is also a good and noble human being, which is a rare and unique combination. This process has been one of best investments I’ve made. I wholeheartedly recommend working with Anna.

Magdalena, Poland

One-on-one coaching client

What We’ll Cover


Your Self





GOAL: Lay the foundations for your dream life


Face your fears around living on your own terms

Identify your core needs & motivations

Discover your core-desired feelings 

Connect with your values

Step into your zone of genius

Outline your dream lifestyle

Establish your non-negotiables

Tune into your true purpose – your ‘why’

Define your life vision

Develop your personal daily routine

Create a personalised self-care strategy

Manage your energy, keeping it high-vibe

Uncover & start transforming limiting beliefs

Get grounded & centred in your truth


Your Brand





GOAL: Create a strong purpose-aligned brand


Understand the meaning of a service-based brand

Get empowered to become your own brand

Create & share with authenticity & integrity

Connect with your brand essence

Define your business vision & mission

Explore your brand archetypes

Identify your core brand values

Establish your differentiation points

Create your brand promise & unique value proposition

Define your brand’s tone of voice

Tell your story in an authentic & relatable way

Develop consistent messaging for your brand

Up-level your social presence

Create compelling website copy

Create your own content platform


Your Tribe






GOAL: Create nourishing relationships and serve


Build your support system in life & business

Connect with your soulmate clients

Understand their needs and motivations

Discover their high-priority problem

Understand how to connect with them

Define your touchpoints

Validate your offering

Create your elevator pitch

Make your brand relatable for your clients

Develop a mindset of service

Build successful client relationships

Develop nourishing collaborations

Create and reinforce healthy boundaries

Create your tribe in business & life


Your Biz





GOAL: Build a thriving business that finances your dream life

Switch from employee to entrepreneur mentality

Establish a sustainable business model

Create a business structure

Map out a product that you’ll lead with

Create your pricing strategy

Develop a seamless customer journey

Create or revise your website copy

Develop a simple sales funnel

Streamline your marketing efforts

Become productive as opposed to just busy

Learn to sell without being salesy & sleazy

Create money in flow following your path

Build wealth consciousness

Bust through money blocks

Master a conscious manifestation process


Clients’ Love

Anna came to me in a moment where I was so unclear of what to do in my business and she helped refocus myself, and gave me the advice I needed. I followed it and things started flowing. She took definitely part in why my business is growing more successful each and every day 😍 Thank you Anna, for seeing clearly through all my clutter and getting me organized with clear action steps to follow!

Jennifer, Germany

One-on-one coaching client

Anna is a kind, intuitive, knowledgeable and inspiring transformational coach. She helped me create a unique marketing strategy aligned with my core values and strengths after months of struggle and overwhelm. Her empathetic approach allowed me to feel safe and supported while connecting to my “why” and sharing my message authentically and easily. Anna is truly a gem!

Kimberly, California

Success Coach, On-on-one coaching client

What’s Included?

  • My heart & eyes on your transformation for 4 months with high-touch 1:1 support
  • Powerful content-rich workbooks for every month of the programme which will be your roadmap to success
  • Bonus video content on ‘hot topics’ including, mindset, lifestyle design, life purpose, energy alignment, client creation, money blocks, selling and manifestation
  • Tailored homework assignments and self-discovery exercises specific to your personal and professional goals and current challenges
  • Welcome pack upon enrolment so we can dive right into the process during our first session
  • 12 x 90-min deep-dive private coaching + mentoring sessions via Zoom to work on your personal & business goals (3 per month)
  • 4 x implementation weeks with personalised homework and bonus content as per your request
  • Ongoing voice messaging support and feedback Mon-Fri (via Voxer or WhatsApp) in between sessions
  • Regular feedback & accountability to help you stay on track.



  • 120-minute breakthrough session (worth €300) This intensive session (think almost like a workshop) is designed to provide clarity and help you decide on your focus not only in this programme but in your life in the next year.

  • 60 minute ‘emergency session’ (worth €150) available to you anytime during our four months together when you need a bit of extra clarity, confidence, strategy or simply support on top of the weekly sessions.

Your Investment



What You’re Getting

Weekly 1:1 Sessions

Each month you’ll have three 90-minute deep-dive private coaching and mentoring sessions during which you’ll get high-touch support from me along with clarity, confidence, motivation, feedback and accountability. These weekly sessions are the foundation of the programme.

Voice Messaging Support

For the duration of the programme you’ll get ongoing voice messaging support and feedback Mon-Fri in between sessions. This provides an extra degree of accountability and helps you stay on track whenever you feel stuck or your confidence is wavering. I’ve got your back!


Powerful Content

Each month I will share with you powerful content for each pillar of the programme in the form of workbooks, checklists and bonus video, providing you with proven tools to change your life and business in a powerful way. Working through the content will challenge you and provide a new perspective.


Although my sessions are filled with love and support, I will also challenge you. You’ll receive a great deal of accountability along with candid feedback to make sure you stay on track. Well-designed goals will empower and motivate you so that you create your dream life and business in real time as you work week by week.

What can you expect after four months?

The programme has been designed to bring radical shifts in your life and business, while fully honouring your needs, desires and life purpose. Provided you do the work, you can expect:

  • a new (or refined) direction in life aligned with your purpose, values, needs and true identity;

  • clarity on your dream lifestyle following your heart’s desires and calling, and a step-by step strategy to actually live it;

  • radically increased self-awareness and upgraded mindset leading to tangible changes in your life & business;

  • a purpose-aligned brand that is authentic and in integrity with your personal values and supporting your lifestyle;

  • authentic messaging that consistently (and unapologetically) conveys your truth and inspires others;

  • unwavering confidence sharing your message with the world and getting in front of the right audience;

  • laser clarity on your soulmate clients and their high-priority problem that you address in your work;

  • a simple yet effective business model in place that supports your dream lifestyle and personal goals;
  • connection-based relationships leading to paying clients following your business model.

What Tools Will We Use?

We’ll probably use a variety as combining different tools is my passion. I believe in a holistic approach to coaching that treats all parts as interconnected. I draw on many different techniques and methods – from life and transformational coaching, NLP and modern psychology through to business and leadership mentoring. I tap into my 10-year experience as a marketing manager and coach, as well as my five years of experience as a digital nomad, location-independent entrepreneur, online course and retreat leader and avid globe traveller. I blend this with the ancient knowledge of the chakra system, yoga, meditation and various healing and life-enhancing techniques learned during my soul-searching journey around the world. In addition, I share with you the experience of my personal transformation which, for many of my clients, is the single greatest value of my programmes, making them authentic and relatable.

Schedule a Complimentary 30-Minute Discovery Session

Perhaps you’re wondering if this is for you? Or want to see if we have chemistry? That’s great! Schedule a complimentary 30-minute clarity call to get to know each other, then if we find we’re a match, the sky’s the limit!


Meet Willow


Creative, Photographer, Business Owner


Willow Paule is a creative, photographer and educator from West Virginia, US currently based in Indonesia. Combining her two biggest passions: photography and creative work with her expertise in the online space and teaching, she supports small business owners with content creation and community management so that they can have more time for creativity and big-picture planning. She also helps socially-conscious brands to connect with their audience and tell their story in a powerful way through documentary photography.

Objectives & Results

Willow’s main objectives in the programme were to build up her personal brand and create a solid plan to scale her existing content creation & community management business, while ensuring more time for play and creativity. This entailed creating first a structure around her day to enable the necessary changes, which was then followed by updating her business model to address her current life and business needs and reviewing the product and pricing strategies leading to serving fewer clients but in a more powerful way. As a result, Willow’s branding and website were slightly refreshed to reflect her identity as a creatively-oriented online service provider and to connect better with her ideal client. Today, Willow Paule’s Creative is a small but mighty service-based business which provides high quality photography, content creation and community building services, while ensuring its founder the space to nurture her creativity.

I admire Anna’s clear communication. I’ve worked with a lot of people who don’t follow through. Since this was a big investment for me, I wanted to get as much as I could out of the program. I worked hard on it and I was grateful that Anna really supported me the way she promised she would in the beginning. She was generous with her voice message support, and looked out for me even outside the program by recommending me to people interested in outsourcing to someone reliable. Her past corporate experience coupled with her nomadic lifestyle and quest for learning has given her unique insight into issues that face people who move a lot and live in foreign cultures… people like me. Knowing her has also reminded me that there is a place for everyone in the world, even those of us with eclectic expertise, you just have to be smart enough to figure out how to use what you know. With Anna, I was able to do that. A very valuable part of this program has been zeroing in on my own feelings more, and understanding where some of my beliefs have been limiting me regarding money and my ability to explore the things I want to in life. Getting clear on my own wants and needs has also made me a better business owner.

Willow, USA

One-on-one coaching client


One Decision Away from Changing Your Life & Biz?

“Anna is such a healing presence, who also has a huge amount of knowledge and insight when it comes to growing a business that’s in alignment with who you are. In just one session I experienced a big shift in my perception of myself and in my ability to move my business forward.”

I did an energy healing session with Anna to help me work through some issues around clarity and some old self-worth and confidence blocks that I knew had been holding me back from growing my business. I’d been working on them myself for months, but felt like I’d reached a wall and didn’t know how to work through it. I knew Anna was the right person to support me through this, because I knew the next step would involve some deep inner work, but as I knew she would be, she was such a calm and nurturing presence through the process, and was able to give me the safe space I needed to find clarity and move forward. During our session we worked through the Chakra system and talked about the feelings and blocks that came up in the different areas of my life. I was amazed at how spot on her observations were, and she was both supportive and insightful, quickly able to cut to the root of an issue, and offer actionable solutions that felt good and easy to follow through. I left our session feeling so much lighter and with a totally new perspective. Anna is such a healing presence, who also has a huge amount of knowledge and insight when it comes to growing a business that’s in alignment with who you are. In just one session I experienced a big shift in my perception of myself and in my ability to move my business forward.

Cate, UK

One-on-one coaching client

How does this work?

The journey begins the moment you’ve signed up for the programme! At the beginning of each month you’ll get a workbook for the specific pillar we work on. You will have 4 weeks to complete it at your own pace. We’ll meet on a Zoom call for 90 minutes every week where I support you with your challenges, coach and mentor you. You get custom-made homework that will speed up your growth process. On top of that, you’ve got my voice messaging support Monday to Friday, which is a great chance to get feedback, ask for advice or simply receive a mindset boost when you’re stuck, without having to wait until the next session. After 3 weeks of coaching, there is an integration week when you assimilate all your discoveries, catch up with your workbooks and work on a specific assignment that we’ve agreed upon based on the work in each pillar. And then a new month begins with new topics, challenges and things to work through.

Why one-on-one coaching?

Creating a dream life on your own terms and building a business around it is an exciting journey of discovery, which you want to make sure you’re well supported on.

As much as I love working in a group and harnessing the power of the collective mind in the mastermind and retreat format, a one-to-one approach allows us to go even deeper, getting to grips with the challenge faster or connecting with your calling more effectively. This leads to figuring out the best way to act upon the discoveries and move forward in much less time.

Therefore, this programme offers high-touch private support during live calls and via voice messaging that will bring you closer to your vision than you’ve ever been. I’m your biggest supporter and cheerleader, but I also challenge you when I sense a block or a limiting belief. The programme has been designed in such a way that, provided you do the work, after 4 months you are in a completely different place in your life and business.

Who is this programme for?

This programme has been designed for service-based female entrepreneurs who crave a freedom-based (possibly location-independent), adventurous and nourishing lifestyle, and are ready to get out of their own way to achieve it over the next few months. It is for women who are fed up with being stuck and struggling, and are ready to play the BIG game in life and business – on their own terms.  It’s for women who are committed to doing the work and are not looking for someone to do it for them. It’s for those who are not looking for overnight success because they understand that building a successful service-based business in tune with their dream lifestyle takes time, patience, consistent action and tenacity. It is NOT for those who are not ready to face their fears, work through their blocks, challenge themselves and get out of their comfort zone.

Do you offer payment plans?

The most cost-effective option is to pay the programme fee (€2950) in full, but if you prefer to pay in instalments, I also offer payment plans. The basic payment plan includes four monthly payments – the first one of €1000 due before the start of the programme to secure your spot, and then 3 consecutive payments of €700, due before the start of each coaching month.

What's your refund policy?

Transformation work is not something that you try; it is something that you commit to. This programme is for women who understand that, and who are ready to do the work consistently and systematically. It is my intention for you to achieve your desired results, and I will do my best to support you in it. Because I have invested considerable time and effort in creating this programme, the investment is non-refundable. By purchasing it, you’re getting access to a wealth of knowledge and a great deal of personalised support in building your new life and business. As long as you are truly committed to studying and putting it into practice, you’ll see results every single week.


Frequently Asked Questions

Still wondering if the programme is suitable for you? Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions I get.


2020 were filled with purpose, clarity, confidence, fun, adventure and paying (soulmate) clients?