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Is the world calling you?

The world is a beautiful place. Yet, so many of us never get to experience its charm, as we are busy chasing money, consumer goods and our careers. We get caught up in our daily routine and oftentimes don’t find the time to travel, explore, experience, or simply… get lost in the vastness of the planet. And if we do plan a trip, it’s usually a one- or two-week all-inclusive holiday once a year, which simply isn’t enough, given our life span and the magnitude of the world.

Travelling literally changed my life. My travel passion led me to visit 50 countries across four continents and living in several of them. I continue my journey in a slow-travel mode as a digital nomad, which allows me to stay in some places longer than others. This way, I can truly get to know, breathe and live them. It gives me an insight into different cultures, views, and ways of living, granting me endless opportunities to learn languages, meet fascinating people from around the world, and above all, enjoy true freedom.

Travelling was at the heart of my decision to quit my corporate job, as I felt I craved more from life. And as hard as it sometimes was to be alone in the most remote parts of the world, it initiated the biggest transformation of my life. It was a process that has paved the way to a life of purpose and intention, whilst staying fully committed to following my heart. And my gratitude knows no bounds. It’s been the most incredible journey – both mentally and physically. The miles I have travelled geographically and the distance I have progressed in my mind and heart are beyond my wildest dreams.

The longer I travel, the more I believe that some places serve us better than others. On their surface, it’s their favourable climate, scenery, people, and culture. Going deeper, it’s their unique energy that happens to connect more positively with us than other locations. These places support us in fulfilling our passions and creating the kind of life we really want – in tune with our inner voice. Think of the instant feeling of calm you feel when you step out of the airport in sunny Bali. Or the invigorating feeling of joy when you arrive in beautiful Colombia? Isn’t that magic?

This realisation, along with my insatiable hunger to experience as much of the world as possible, led me to create my own location-independent business – able to operate from anywhere on the planet so long as there is Internet access. This year alone, I have lived and worked as a digital nomad in Cambodia, Thailand, Arizona, and Hawaii, and visited a number of other countries and regions as a joyous and inquisitive explorer.

Travelling is one of the most life-enriching experiences available. However, I won’t fool you into believing that it’s all rainbows and roses. Being far from loved ones, not having a base to call home, and operating on different time zones can sometimes be difficult. But for me, the advantages strongly outweigh the challenges. There is always something to be gained from wandering the globe – be it obtaining a new perspective or discovering an inner strength you never knew you had. It’s the best decision I ever made – are you ready to make the same choice?

Want to travel the world and become a digital nomad?

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During the free 30-minute session, I will help you to establish if the digital nomad lifestyle is right for you plus the next steps towards living in your dream location.

How to travel the planet

and enjoy a location-independent lifestyle?

Digital nomad mastermind for newbies

  • Do you dream of living and working remotely in different locations and are you wondering if this lifestyle could work for you?
  • Would you like to live under a palm tree on a Caribbean island, or perhaps in one of the charming pueblos blancos (white towns) of Andalusia; maybe in the countryside of Tuscany, or any other location that you feel drawn to?
  • Are you looking for a place that enhances you and allows you to live a life in tune with your needs and desires?
  • Are you wondering how you can generate income as a digital nomad?
  • Perhaps you are planning on becoming location-independent within your own country?
  • Or you may want to move to a different location for some of the year to enjoy its weather and culture and spend the rest of the year at home?

DIGITAL NOMAD MASTERMIND FOR NEWBIES is an online programme based on the mastermind formula. It is designed to give you a better understanding of the digital nomad lifestyle. It will introduce you to the most important factors of a location-independent lifestyle, covering the financial, technical, and emotional aspects of it.

During the programme, I will share my experience of living in several places in Europe, the Americas and Asia; travelling in more than 50 countries on four continents and working in 20 of those in just the last two years. I will help you to figure out if the digital nomad lifestyle is right for you and then the next steps needed to get you living in your dream location. You will learn how to determine your needs in this area, what challenges are likely awaiting you along the way and how you can face and overcome them.

After the programme you will:

  • have a better understanding of both the advantages and challenges of the digital nomad lifestyle
  • acquire the knowledge you need to decide if the location-independent lifestyle is suitable for you
  • select a number of locations to test this lifestyle, based on their energy and attraction
  • have an overview of earning options as a digital nomad
  • better understand the emotional aspects of the location-independent lifestyle.

What will you receive?


6 regular weekly 90-minute mastermind sessions in an intimate group of no more than 5 people

► Knowledge and proven lifestyle design tools in 4 practical modules

► Active support in a closed group on Facebook – the main communication platform for programme participants

► Answers to your questions in regular Q & A sessions

► Worksheets with practical exercises that will help you decide if the digital nomad lifestyle is for you

► Regular follow-up of your progress and a summary of your goals

► One-on-one online guiding session to define your needs and direction.


Programme fee


“It takes a lot of courage to release the familiar and seemingly secure, to embrace the new. But there is no real security in what is no longer meaningful. There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power”.

Alan Cohen

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