Business Coach for Therapists & Counsellors

Your step-by-step roadmap to building and growing a thriving therapy or counselling business, serving more clients and increasing your income and impact as a therapist, counsellor or holistic practitioner.

Your Calling as a Therapist or Counsellor

As a therapist or counselor, in addition to your unwavering dedication to therapy, you possess a burning desire to create a positive impact on the world. You have personally witnessed the transformative potential of various therapeutic modalities and are driven to share their magic with others. You perceive your practice not only as a means of promoting emotional wellbeing but also as a holistic journey towards personal growth and harmony. You are passionate about providing a safe and supportive space for self-discovery and healing for your clients or patients. You are committed to furthering your own professional development, expanding your knowledge and honing your skills to offer more impactful service. You feel a strong calling to reach a broader audience and establish a thriving therapeutic practice that has the power to transform lives.

Building a Thriving Therapy Practice

Building and running a successful therapy or counseling practice requires more than just mastering therapeutic techniques and understanding counselling methodologies. Some of the most common challenges therapists and counselors face include establishing a steady client base, standing out in a competitive market, determining appropriate pricing and positioning for their services, as well as effectively managing their time and energy.

Choosing a suitable business model, developing and implementing impactful marketing strategies, mastering ethical selling techniques and maintaining strong client relationships are crucial for the success of any therapy or counseling practice.

This is where a business mentor and coach specialised in the field of therapy and counseling can play a crucial role. An experienced business coach with deep knowledge and understanding of the intricacies of the therapy field can provide you with invaluable guidance, unwavering support and proven strategies to either establish a thriving practice or take your existing one to new heights.

Finding Your Therapy Niche

With a growing interest in health, wellbeing and holistic living, the demand for diverse therapy and counseling services continues to expand. One crucial topic that I often explore with my clients, who are therapists and counsellors, is the discovery of their individual passions and the unique blend of offerings they wish to provide to their clients. I firmly believe that this exploration is key to setting them apart in a saturated therapy and counseling market. By answering this essential question, not only do they gain clarity in their professional endeavors, but they also develop a deeper connection with themselves and an expanded vision for their future. Whether you’re a certified therapist looking to start your own practice or an entrepreneur with a passion for holistic health, here are a few directions you can explore to build a thriving therapy and counselling business.

Specialised Therapy: You can differentiate your therapy and counselling business by focusing on specific niches or specialised modalities. You can explore offerings such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, trauma-informed therapy, relationship counselling, or mindfulness-based therapy. By honing your expertise in a particular area, you can attract a dedicated clientele seeking targeted benefits and a more personalised approach to their therapeutic journey.

Therapy Center Ownership: Opening a therapy center is a classic path for therapists and counselors who are enthusiasts in the field. It provides a physical space where individuals can access various therapeutic modalities, attend workshops, and connect with a like-minded community, offering a range of services to cater to diverse clientele seeking holistic wellbeing.

Mobile and Pop-up Therapy: Embracing a nomadic approach to therapy, you can bring your practice to different locations. Mobile therapy involves offering your services at various venues, such as retreat centers, corporate offices, or private residences. This flexibility allows you to reach a broader audience and cater to different demographics seeking holistic healing.

Online Guidance: In the digital age, taking your therapy and counseling business online opens up immense opportunities. You can create a dedicated platform where you offer virtual sessions, pre-recorded guided therapy sessions, or wellness programs. Online courses, workshops, and personalized sessions can also be offered, providing flexibility and accessibility to clients around the world.

Retreats & Workshops: You can expand your offerings beyond traditional sessions by incorporating retreats, workshops, events, and holistic wellness services that provide individuals with transformative experiences and an opportunity to reconnect with themselves in a safe and inspiring environment outside of their daily lives.

Corporate Wellness Programs: Many organisations are recognising the benefits of incorporating therapy and counseling practices into the workplace to enhance employee wellbeing and productivity. By partnering with companies and human resources departments, you can bring the benefits of therapy to employees, reducing stress, improving focus and fostering a positive work environment.

Your Unique Path as a Therapist or Counsellor

I work with a wide array of therapists, holistic health and wellness practitioners. I firmly believe that each individual possesses their own unique path, both in their personal quest and healing journey, as well as in their role as a service provider, supporting others on their transformative journeys for self-discovery, balance and wellbeing.

My clients include psychologists, psychiatrists, licenced professional counsellors, marriage and family therapists, art therapists, trauma therapists, mind-body therapists, holistic therapists and mental health counsellors.

Each one brings their own special touch and genuine passion to their specific fields, nurturing growth, healing and positive transformations in the lives of the people they work with.

How Can a Business Coach Help You Build & Grow a Profitable Therapy Business?

Depending on the stage of your business, we’ll work together to either start your therapy or counselling practice, or elevate it so you can expand your income and impact without burnout and overwhelm. While all therapy businesses have certain similarities, I have discovered that a personalised approach combining business energetics, mindset work and strategic planning yields the best results. Here are some of the topics we are likely to explore when we embark on this journey together:


We’ll begin by connecting with your big vision and identifying your zone of genius and inner resources that will be invaluable in building and growing a thriving therapy practice.


We’ll take a closer look at what currently stops you from fulfilling your vision. We’ll work to break through your mindset blocks and limiting beliefs around money, time and visibility, to name just a few.


We’ll identify your target market and develop your ideal client profile based on the actual problem your clients are facing and the results they’re looking to create (as opposed to looking at the demographics only, which is the old-paradigm approach to marketing).


With a solid understanding of your ideal client’s needs and wants, we’ll dial in your unique process and develop a methodology that will be the north star of your client’s transformation.


Depending on your stage of business, we’ll either create your first offer or a whole product suite that will serve different groups of clients or different purposes, generating diversified revenue streams for your therapy practice.


We’ll work closely on your pricing strategy to make sure you run a profitable therapy practice, not a time-consuming hobby project that you continue investing in without return.


We’ll craft a strong message that communicates clearly the value of your offer and positions you as the go-to expert in the therapy field. Doing this deep strategy work will make you want to show up and share your magic like never before.


We’ll create an aligned marketing strategy that focusses on building a true connection with your ideal client leading to sold therapy packages, workshops and transformational retreats.


Based on your offering and marketing strategy, we’ll map out an aligned sales process that will help you enrol your soulmate clients effortlessly without being salesy and feeling awkward.


We’ll address the operational aspects of your therapy business, such as payment processing, onboarding, scheduling and bookkeeping. Streamlining these processes will help you save time and create a seamless experience for your clients or patients.


We’ll work on developing a budget, tracking your income and expenses, and setting financial goals for your business. Understanding your finances will enable you to ensure the financial sustainability of your therapy business.

My Unique Business Coaching Blend

Business Strategy

With a master’s in marketing and 15+ years of business + marketing management experience, I love assisting clients in creating strategies that are 100% aligned with them

Mindset Work

As a certified life coach & NLP master practitioner, I make sure my clients’ mindset is in check, which is crucial to building & growing a business that is there to last

Business Energetics

With a background in yoga, meditation, chakra & energy work, I support my clients in all things energy so they can create more flow in their life & biz while contributing to a better world

What Can You Expect from Working with a Business Coach?

My zone of genius is creating a safe space for you along with an optimal ecosystem (proven tools, strategy, mindset work, business energetics) for your transformation to take place so you can produce tangible results for your business. These may include:

➢ a complete and marketable offer that creates deep transformations for your clients and a steady income for you;

➢ a step-by-step marketing plan to launch your offer and a feel-good sales process in place that will get you your first or next clients;

➢ a steady flow of highly-committed soulmate clients ready to work with you to change their lives for the better;

the confidence to guide your clients through deep life-changing transformations and charge for it accordingly.

How Does Business Coaching Work?

Live Coaching Calls

The core of our work will be weekly live coaching & mentorship sessions which will empower you, provide clarity, confidence and inspiration — all you need to create the results you desire. A powerful blend of strategy, mindset & energy work is my secret sauce.


Powerful Content

In addition to coaching, you’ll have access powerful content in the form of video trainings, meditations, visualisations and workbooks, which will equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills to build and grow a thriving business in the comfort of your home (or any other place you wish!).

Feedback & Accountability

Although my sessions are filled with love and support, I will also challenge you. You’ll receive a great deal of accountability and feedback to make sure you stay on track even when your confidence wavers. My process will help you keep your eyes on the prize while fully honouring your needs.

How Will Your Business Change after Working with a Business Coach?


➢ having a strong offer you feel excited to sell every day

➢ bringing in a solid, steady income every month by working with your dream soulmate clients

➢  knowing how to communicate your value in a clear and confident way and believing in yourself more than you’ve ever done before

➢ having a unique process and a proven method to share with your clients and no more winging it

➢ knowing how to pre-qualify clients, handle objections and close sale with integrity

celebrating your clients’ results on a regular basis because you’ve decided to play BIG and invite them on a journey of transformation.

The Business Coach for Your Healing Business

Hey, I’m Anna. I’m a business mentor, marketing strategist, certified life coach, yoga teacher, master NLP & hypnosis practitioner, intuitive healer and chakra educator.

Drawing from my own entrepreneurial journey as a healer, yoga teacher and retreat leader, which began after leaving my corporate job at IKEA and embarking on a world travel adventure back in 2015, I have developed a deep passion for supporting yoga teachers, healers, alternative therapy and holistic health practitioners as well as wellness professionals in building thriving businesses.

My own business story has taught me the hard way that passion and training alone are not enough to guarantee success as a healer, yoga teacher and online educator. I encountered challenges in generating consistent income, selling my packages and filling retreats that I had to learn to overcome in order to continue serving others and travelling the world. Combining this firsthand experience with my corporate marketing background and coaching skills, in 2019 I discovered a profound calling to step fully into my purpose as a business coach and mentor for purpose-driven entrepreneurs. Welcome!

What My Clients Are Saying

Working with Anna has been a source of massive inspiration, showing me that even a well-performing company can reach even greater heights and rise to a completely new level.

I have been running my company for several years now and have worked with large and reputable marketing agencies, but so far, I have never encountered a person who would approach our marketing strategy and brand image (both online and among co-workers and patients) with such dedication, curiosity and attention to detail as Anna does. I believe that what she offers is completely unique.


Anna has been an amazing coach, mentor, inspiration and well, too be honest, many times the only person who is able (with my permission) to hold me accountable.

I felt that every other program I have done in all these different roles never really addressed me as a whole entrepreneur, only the parts that were deemed valuable for making $$. Anna addresses and works with me as the WHOLE  entrepreneur!


“This program was a perfect fit for me because it not only taught me about strategy, business models, and all the “hard” indicators essential in business, but above all, it allowed me to better understand myself, my emotions, goals and the limiting beliefs that held me back, so I could ultimately put my whole self into working for my success.

Anna is a wonderful mentor because she really speaks from experience. Her support was a key value for me throughout this process.”


“Anna helped me open a door that I did not know existed, recall what I missed, awaken what was inside of me and build what I dreamed of.”

On this journey Anna is not only a coach, a mentor, or business trainer, she is your soulmate whom you need so much when creating something so important as a new life and business. Here is a new and authentic me — and wholeheartedly grateful for this experience.


Anna raised the bar of my transformation by taking me and my business on an intensely evolutive journey.

Working with her helped me maximize my unique potential by entering on the path of my true destiny and following my heart with courage and trust. She provided a safe and sacred space along with the professional support I needed to make a quantum leap forward. In addition to plenty of business support, I also received a lot of emotional and spiritual guidance. I’m so grateful to have been able to tap into her high-vibrational energy, experience, wisdom, richness and knowledge.”


As a result of Anna’s coaching and program, I came back to my core belief that through my planning, actions, and execution I could be not only the business owner I aspire to be, but also the women I have always wanted to become.

Anna has a unique way of working through 1:1 coaching sessions, which in my case focused on helping me to cope with external factors that were true blockers to my creativity and motivation to work with clients. She has put a lot of effort to understand and get through the core of my everyday issues, so I could plan better my professional life and finally get at the level of work-life satisfaction, not just balance. She was a pillar of strength and wisdom.”


“The programme has changed me fundamentally in myriad positive ways – I feel more confident in myself and in my business, I feel I have the tools to build my business and the awareness to see when my mindset is letting me get in my own way!

I have a wealth of resources to call upon to give myself the boost I need when I am flagging or feeling lost. I have a group of amazing women who I can now call friends and who understand the journey I am on and will support me completely.


Anna gives 150% of her expertise and energy which is an amazing support, versus trying to go it alone.

I have felt myself transform from stuck and procrastinating, to being in flow and learning to value my work. Her enthusiasm, support and encouragement are infectious and as a result I feel more confident and capable”.


“Anna is an AMAZING life coach and healer. Her guidance is unique and intuitive, and it felt like she could read my mind and soul.”

I was able to see what was holding me back and preventing me to take a bigger step in my career and life goals. Anna’s support and mentorship were essential to help me make big decisions and move forward.


Your Free Strategy Session

Schedule a free Soul Strategy Session to outline your personalised strategy for more income, impact and freedom as a therapist, counsellor or holistic practitioner (or one in the making).

The Ultimate Blueprint for Creating a Business with Soul

Learn every step of building a soulful business.

7 Steps to Living Your Purpose

Get a chakra-infused roadmap to creating a life in alignment with your soul’s desires.


Client Creation Workbook

Get access to powerful prompts and questions that will be your roadmap for creating dream soulmate clients.

What Lines of Work do I Support?

I support a wide variety of service-oriented entrepreneurs who are dedicated to making a positive impact through their transformative endeavors, encompassing creative work, coaching, consulting, education, therapy, counselling, holistic healing and yoga.


How I support artists, graphic and web designers, photographers, event planners, stylists, make-up artists, architects, interior designers, feng shui experts, content creators, copywriters and authors.


How I support life coaches, mindset coaches, career coaches, executive coaches, leadership coaches, health & wellness coaches, fertility coaches, spiritual coaches and relationship coaches.


How I support consultants across many different lines of work spanning from health and wellness through to business, management, technology and environmental work.


How I support online educators, trainers, language teachers, yoga instructors, dance instructors and other specialised educators who provide instruction in specific areas of interest or expertise.


How I support holistic practitioners including massage therapists, breathwork & meditation instructors, mindfulness practitioners, wellness coaches and integrative medicine practitioners.


How I support energy healers, reiki practitioners, sound healers, acupuncturists, aromatherapists, shamanic healers, Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners, naturopathic doctors, homeopaths, nutritionists and Ayurveda consultants.


How I support yoga teachers, studio owners, retreat organisers, yoga therapists, pilates instructors, breathwork & meditation instructors, health coaches, fitness instructors, trainers and wellness and weight loss coaches.


How I support female entrepreneurs across different lines of transformative work including coaching, consulting, healing, therapy and education.


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