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The chakra system is an ancient framework that governs numerous processes in our lives on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. Understanding the chakras can help you live a healthier, more harmonious and balanced life.

The Root Chakra


The root energy centre, also known as Muladhara, is the chakra of our base, internal foundation, family relationships and of our immediate environment. We build all of the processes in life upon this foundation. It’s our anchor that strengthens us in our earthly existence and connects us to the physical world. It’s also the chakra of safety, security, material needs and prosperity.


Muladhara is largely responsible for how safe and secure we feel and how connected we are to everything around us. When the root chakra is balanced, we are well grounded and trust in the natural laws, we feel supported and can easily grasp opportunities and create abundance. We trust that no matter what, we will be provided for.

Chakra Disorders

Muladhara disorders manifest at various levels through fears. These range from basic ones relating to survival (shelter, food, finances, work), loss of family and identity to a feeling of disconnection from the physical aspects of life and Mother Earth.

When the first chakra is out of balance, we seem to be unable to attract or maintain wealth and abundance and feel unsafe and insecure even when there are no real threats to our survival.

Physical problems related to this chakra include a general weakness of the body, fatigue, poor circulation, low blood pressure, anaemia and chronic back pain, as well as problems with the excretory system (such as constipation or haemorrhoids). Root chakra imbalances may also manifest through a weakened immune system. This may show by feeling continuously exhausted, depleted and debilitated.



  • Transforming childhood beliefs
  • Healing childhood traumas
  • Strengthening the body through movement & nutrition
  • Regular contact with nature
  • Healing mother wound & abandonment wounds

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All I teach I learned, and most importantly practised, at the very source – in various parts of Asia – training in energy healing in Cambodia, spending time in Buddhist monasteries in Thailand and completing a 200 hr yoga teacher training in India. I’m also trained in several other modalities including life coaching, neurolinguistic programming and hypnosis.

Working with people using Eastern philosophies, yoga, meditation and chakra balancing has achieved wonderful results for those seeking healing, focus and direction. This gave rise to the idea of sharing the ancient chakra wisdom and allowing people to heal their lives. It’s the most rewarding work I’ve done in my entire life. Welcome!