How to Choose a Business Coach as a Female Entrepreneur?

by | Jun 12, 2023

As you navigate the dynamic world of entrepreneurship, you may be thinking about bringing a business coach on board to support you along the way. A business coach who understands the unique challenges faced by women in business can be a true gamechanger. Not only can they provide guidance, support and invaluable insights tailored specifically to your needs, but they can also give you a much-needed boost of confidence whenever your motivation falters. Finding the right business coach is not an easy task, particularly if you are new to working with coaches. It’s a decision that can shape your entrepreneurial journey in profound ways. Drawing from my own experience of working closely with coaches and mentors over the past six years, I’m here to provide you with a comprehensive guide on everything you need to know when it comes to hiring a coach.

Understand your needs & goals 

Before hiring a business coach, it is essential to take the time to identify your specific needs. Take some time for self-reflection and gain clarity on the specific areas where you require guidance and support. By understanding your challenges, goals and aspirations, you’ll be able to clearly communicate your expectations to potential coaches. This ensures that their expertise aligns perfectly with your needs.It will lay a solid foundation for a fruitful coaching relationship and maximise the benefits you receive from working with a business coach.

Identify your areas of support

Pinpointing specific areas where you need guidance and support is a crucial step in the process of finding the right business coach. Take some time to reflect and identify the particular areas of your entrepreneurial journey where you feel you could benefit from expert assistance. Are you struggling with marketing strategies to reach your target audience effectively? Do you require assistance in improving your sales techniques and closing deals? Are you looking to develop a solid business strategy that aligns with your long-term vision? Or perhaps you feel the need for personal development and mindset work to overcome self-limiting beliefs? By identifying the specific areas where you require guidance, you can focus your search on coaches who specialise in those areas.

Clarify your goals & expectations

Once you’ve identified the areas in which you need support, it’s essential to clarify your goals and expectations from a business coach. What do you hope to achieve through coaching? Are you looking to increase your revenue, expand your customer base, or enhance your leadership skills? Do you want a coach who can help you create a more balanced work-life integration? Clearly defining your goals will help you communicate your expectations to potential coaches and ensure that they align with your desired outcomes.

Understand your learning style & preferences

Everyone has their own unique learning style and preferences. Some entrepreneurs thrive in structured environments with clear action plans and milestones, while others prefer a more flexible and intuitive approach. Consider how you best absorb and integrate new information and guidance. Reflect on whether you prefer a coach who provides step-by-step instructions or one who encourages self-discovery and empowers you to find your own solutions. Finding a coach whose coaching style aligns with your learning preferences will enhance the effectiveness of the coaching relationship.

Keep in mind that some coaches also integrate mentoring, consulting and teaching into their work. It’s important to consider what you specifically need and value in a coach. Reflect on the type of support that resonates with you the most. Do you prefer a coach who provides guidance and empowers you to find your own solutions (coaching)? Or do you value a coach who offers direct advice and expertise (mentoring/consulting)? Perhaps you also appreciate a coach who imparts knowledge and teaches you new skills (teaching). Understanding your specific needs and preferences will help you find a coach who aligns with your goals and can provide the support you value most.

Create a list of non-negotiables

Compiling a list of non-negotiables is a crucial step in the process of hiring a business coach. These are the essential qualities, qualifications and characteristics that you absolutely must have in a coach. They could include factors such as industry expertise, a proven track record of success, effective communication skills, or a shared value system. By defining your non-negotiables, you can assess potential coaches more objectively and ensure that you find a coach who meets your specific criteria. So, grab a pen and paper, outline your non-negotiables, and let them guide you in finding the perfect business coach for your entrepreneurial journey.

Business coach taking notes while working on a business plan at a table with laptop, notebook, tea, smartphone, and plant.

Do research & explore options 

When you have a clear understanding of your needs and goals, it’s time to begin your search for a business coach who can meet those requirements. The following steps will help you thoroughly research and explore your options to find the right coach:

Search engines 

Start your search by leveraging the power of online resources. When conducting a Google search, you can use specific keywords related to business coaching and your desired niche or location. The search results will display a range of websites, including individual coach websites, coaching companies and resources related to business coaching. You can then visit individual websites and assess coaches based on their online presence, expertise and other factors.

Social media

Social media brings an exciting advantage to the search for a business coach — it goes beyond their formal presentation and offers a glimpse into whether they practice what they preach. You can see how they live their lives and determine if their values align with yours. So, take advantage of social media platforms to find a business coach who walks the talk and inspires you. Start by using platforms like LinkedIn to search for coaches based on their expertise and expertise. Join relevant business groups on Facebook and ask for recommendations or advice from other entrepreneurs. Follow coaches on Twitter and Instagram for valuable insights. Explore hashtags related to coaching and entrepreneurship to discover potential coaches and engage with their online communities.

Coach directories

Explore coach directories or platforms that specialise in connecting coaches with clients. Coach directories are specialised websites that curate and list coaches from various fields and specialties. These platforms often provide information about the coaches’ areas of expertise, testimonials and client reviews, making it easier to find potential matches.

Referrals & recommendations

While online resources are valuable, don’t underestimate the power of personal recommendations. Reach out to fellow entrepreneurs, industry professionals and business networks to ask for referrals and recommendations. These trusted sources can provide insights into their personal experiences with different coaches and help you identify potential matches. Their recommendations come from first-hand interactions, which can give you a more realistic idea of what to expect from a particular coach.

Professional associations & networks

Industry-specific professional associations and networks can be excellent resources for finding a business coach. These organisations often provide directories of coaches specialising in various fields. Explore membership options and directories within your industry and leverage the expertise of professionals who understand the specific challenges and dynamics of your line of work. Engaging with these associations and networks can lead you to qualified coaches with industry-specific knowledge and experience.

Schedule discovery calls 

Once you have narrowed down your options and identified potential business coaches that align with your needs, values and preferences, it’s time to take the next step and schedule consultations or discovery calls. These initial conversations serve as valuable opportunities to further assess the coaches and determine if they are the right fit for you.

During these consultations, make use of the time to ask questions and gain deeper insights into their coaching approach, methodologies and availability. Inquire about their areas of expertise and how they have successfully supported female entrepreneurs in your niche in the past. Seek clarification on their coaching process and the level of commitment required from both parties. This is also a chance to discuss any specific challenges or goals you have and see how the coach responds to them.

Pay attention to the vibe between you and the coach. Have open and honest chats to see if you click. Engage in open and honest conversations to gauge how well you connect with each other. Are they genuinely interested in your success and growth? Do they listen attentively to your concerns and aspirations? Assess if their coaching style aligns with your preferences and if they create a supportive and non-judgmental space for you to explore and grow.

Remember, the goal of these consultations or discovery calls is not only to gather information but also to get a sense of the coach’s coaching style, personality and overall fit. Trust your instincts and intuition during these conversations. Trust your instincts and intuition during these talks. A strong connection is key for a productive and successful coaching journey, so take the time to ensure you feel comfortable, understood and fully supported.

Examine key compatibility criteria

When looking for the perfect coach, it’s important to consider certain compatibility criteria that you’ll use to evaluate them. This ensures you have a complete picture when choosing your support system. Here are some of the most important factors to assess:

Experience & expertise

Take into account coaches who have relevant experience working with female entrepreneurs. Consider their educational background, certifications and professional achievements. Make sure that the business coach you choose has prior experience coaching individuals in your specific line of work. It’s important that they understand the unique challenges you face in your industry. A coach with a solid track record of success and expertise in your specific industry or niche can provide invaluable insights and guidance tailored to your unique challenges.

Niche knowledge

While having general business experience and expertise is important when selecting a business coach, it’s crucial to find someone who truly understands your niche. Your niche represents your business’s sweet spot, where you excel and possess a unique advantage. For instance, if you’re in the creative industry, it’s beneficial to hire a coach who comprehends the specific challenges you face. Similarly, if you’re a therapist or healer, a coach with experience in transformative work would be more suitable. As a yoga teacher or educator, it’s essential to work with a coach who undertsands the intricacies of building an educational or yoga business. They will be familiar with the trends, customer preferences and the most effective marketing strategies in your specific field. Choosing a coach who knows your niche creates a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Coaching style

One of the key factors to evaluate is the coaching style that resonates with you and aligns with your learning preferences. Reflect on whether you prefer a coach who provides structured guidance with clear action plans and milestones or one who encourages a more intuitive and exploratory approach. Consider your own working style and the type of coaching that would best support your growth as a female entrepreneur.

Some business coaches integrate mentoring, consulting and teaching into their work. When evaluating your options, think about whether you need this additional level of support and expertise. Make sure the coach you choose can meet those needs.

Communication skills

Furthermore, pay attention to the coach’s communication skills and their ability to establish rapport. Effective communication is vital in a coaching relationship as it facilitates understanding, trust and open dialogue. During the initial consultations or discovery calls, observe how well the coach listens to your needs, asks insightful questions and provides thoughtful responses. Assess whether their communication style is clear, supportive and encouraging. A coach who can effectively communicate ideas, provide constructive feedback and inspire you to take action will significantly contribute to your development as an entrepreneur.

Energetic alignment

Compatibility between you and your coach is paramount for a productive and supportive coaching relationship. Reflect on whether you feel comfortable being open and vulnerable with the coach. Assess if they create a safe and non-judgmental space for you to explore challenges, share your goals and discuss your fears.

While it’s important to be challenged by your coach, it’s equally crucial to vibe well with them and feel good in their presence. Building a strong connection and positive rapport is key to a successful coaching relationship. So, seek a coach who not only challenges you but also brings out the best in you and creates a supportive and uplifting environment.

Pay attention to how their energy aligns with yours during initial interactions, consultations, or even through their online presence. Look for a coach whose energy feels inspiring, motivating and supportive to you.

Support system

A journey of growth as a female entrepreneur is not always a linear path. There may be twists, turns and unexpected challenges along the way. In such instances, additional support can make a significant difference in your progress. Find a coach who truly understands the full scope of the process and what it takes to achieve the results you’re aiming for. Take into account the level of support they provide, including accountability, feedback, copy reviews and in-between session support. Sometimes, it’s not just the weekly or biweekly sessions that make the difference but the additional support you have access to. Ensure you have the necessary guidance and assistance along the way.

Credentials & testimonials

When selecting a business coach, it is essential that they can provide tangible evidence of their results in whatever area they teach or coach on. Whether it’s offer creation, sales strategies, or marketing techniques, a credible coach should be able to showcase their own achievements or the successes of their clients. Look for case studies, testimonials, or real-life examples that highlight the positive outcomes they have helped others achieve. By choosing a coach who can substantiate their expertise with concrete results, you can have confidence in their ability to guide you towards success in your chosen field.

Client testimonials and reviews provide valuable insights into the coach’s impact, but also examine their own success story. Seek a coach who not only helps others succeed but has also created the life and business you aspire to. Remember this: a coach can’t lead you to a place they’ve never been.

A business coach engaging with two female entrepreneurs

Consider financial investment

Now, you may be wondering how to approach the financial investment in coaching. Coaching fees can indeed vary significantly based on factors such as the coach’s experience, expertise and the level of support provided. To make it even more confusing, business coaching tends to be priced at the higher end within the coaching industry because it can generate specific monetary results. With this wide range of options, the decision may feel overwhelming.


Start by carefully assessing your budget and determining the amount you are comfortable investing in coaching services. This will serve as a guiding factor when evaluating potential coaches. Consider your current financial situation, including income, expenses and any other financial commitments. While it’s important to prioritise financial sustainability, be open to the idea of making a gentle financial stretch if you believe the right coach can propel your success. It’s about finding a balanced approach that aligns with your financial wellbeing while considering the potential long-term benefits of the coaching experience.

Value & ROI

When evaluating the price of coaching services, it’s essential to shift the focus from seeking the lowest price to assessing the value you’ll receive. While affordability is important, it’s equally crucial to consider the return on investment and the quality of support you’ll gain. Think about the potential growth and success that can be achieved through working with a coach who understands your unique challenges as a female entrepreneur. Consider the lasting value of the transformation a coach can help you achieve. Look beyond the immediate impact and envision the long-term benefits. Where would you be without that investment? Now, imagine the possibilities of working with a coach who truly fits your needs.

Time factor

And let’s not forget the time factor. A coach with the right expertise can help you reach your destination much faster. They have the knowledge and experience to guide you effectively, collapsing timelines and accelerating your progress. With their support, you can bypass unnecessary detours and make significant strides towards your goals. So, take a moment to reflect on the long-term value of working with a coach, beyond the present moment. It’s an investment in your future success.

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Trust your intuition

Now that you’ve taken into account all the logical and practical considerations, it’s important not to overlook the voice of your soul. Never underestimate the power of trusting your instincts and intuition when selecting the right coach.

Women truly thrive in life and business when they embrace the power of their intuition and wholeheartedly pursue what calls to their hearts. Your intuition is a guiding force that can lead you to make decisions aligned with what’s true for you. That’s why, it’s vital to follow your intuition in every business endeavor, including the process of finding the right support. Your intuition is a powerful tool that can guide you towards the right decisions and help you align with the support that truly resonates with you. Trust the wisdom that comes from within and allow your soul to be heard in choosing the coach who truly resonates with you. Let your inner voice be your guide. Wishing you great success on this journey!

Hey, I'm Anna

Hey, I'm Anna

I’m a business mentor, marketing strategist, certified life coach, yoga teacher, master NLP & hypnosis practitioner, intuitive healer and chakra educator. I’m on a mission to help women build + grow profitable businesses with soul. With travel to 60 countries under my belt, I blend Western studies and Eastern wisdom to support female creatives, coaches, therapists, healers, educators and yoga teachers in building and growing businesses that change the world. Welcome!

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Client Creation Workbook

Get access to powerful prompts and questions that will be your roadmap for creating dream soulmate clients.