My story

has been long and often rather bumpy.

But without it, I wouldn’t be where I am now…

Let me properly introduce myself – my name is Anna. I am a world traveller, a life explorer, a digital nomad, a seeker of happiness, and a transformational guide. In essence, I help people improve their lives and discover their purpose.

My journey has been long and often rather bumpy. It took me years to first listen to my heart and then have the courage to act upon it – a process that finally put me on this rewarding path. I believe in the power of transformation because I underwent one myself. And as hard and as painful as it oftentimes was, I am truly thankful for it.

How I became

a citizen of the world

It’s been a long, long journey…

I was born and raised in rural Poland in the 80s – a turbulent period for the country coming out of over half a century of communist regime rule. I grew up in the midst of political, social and economic change, so no wonder change has been an integral part of my life.

My parents taught me that I wouldn’t achieve anything in life unless I worked hard. I was therefore driven and determined to accomplish each goal, although when I reflect, the things I was striving for often left me empty and unfulfilled.

I took the standard, conventional path and went to college, completing two degrees – in linguistics and marketing – the first chosen out of passion and the latter following common sense. In school, I developed a deep love of languages, studying with enthusiasm and commitment.  I knew it was a gateway to the big, wide world. As a result, besides my native Polish, I’m fluent in English, German, and Spanish.

How I went

from an ambitious corporate career to helping others

Driven by a curiosity to understand people and their behaviour, after college I pursued a marketing career. This again opened many exciting doors, allowing me to work in several countries and in various industries.

Within both corporate and start-up environments, I ran marketing projects in a variety of sectors – including tourism, education, publishing, consulting, advertising, and retail. I thrived in leading and managing people – the most challenging yet the most rewarding of all the tasks I had ever taken on.

After a decade spent focusing on creating the needs and desires of consumers, and leading what I believed to be a seemingly happy life, I realised that my passion for it was fading and I was seeking another direction. I had always loved and valued my profession, considering myself both lucky and proud to have achieved so much. Though what I truly craved now was freedom – and that was only achievable by travelling, immersing myself into diverse cultures, and discovering new places and people.

How travelling helped me

heal and transform my life

In 2015, I took the bold decision to quit my successful, yet unfulfilling, corporate job – a move that completely baffled my family and friends. I sold my belongings, packed my life into a 20-kilogram backpack and embarked on a world journey.

With a one-way ticket to New York City in my hand, I was scared, yet happy and excited. Never before had I risked so much and I knew that this was the beginning of something important. Little did I know that it would initiate the biggest transformation of my life – from a high-flying marketing manager to a free-spirited digital nomad following my heart and helping others do the same.

Over the next nine months, I visited several countries across the Americas. And as important as the travel itself was, the inner journey played the biggest role. As a solo female traveler I confronted many of my fears and demons – I shared the observations of the world around me, as well as reflections upon my inner journey, on my blog that has become both a loyal travel companion to me as well as a popular travel blog in Poland.

When I returned home, I realised the corporate career and aspects of my previous life had irretrievably lost their charm. And as scary as that was, it was also exciting, fascinating, and invigorating. I was now committed to freedom and a need to continue this newly discovered life of intention. I also realised home was now potentially every place on the planet and I knew the journey had to continue…

How I found peace

in Asia and Eastern philosophies

So I embarked on a journey through South-East Asia in search of healing, wisdom, and life purpose; knowing it was time to start doing something that truly ignited my heart, while helping and serving others.

The moment I visualised and projected my intention to the universe, I was offered a job at an energy healing centre at the foot of the majestic Angkor Wat temple in Cambodia. During those incredible months, I obtained a better understanding of Eastern philosophies, brought my daily meditation practice to the next level and became a mediation teacher and learned about both chakra healing and prana work. This gave rise to a strong desire to run my own retreats combining two of my greatest passions – travelling and helping people thrive – and that’s how the idea of truly holistic, world-exploration retreats was born.

In May 2017 I ran my first retreat in the island of Koh Chang, Thailand – it was a truly rewarding experience that gave me the strength and confidence to continue on this path.  Working with clients using Eastern philosophies, meditation, chakra balancing and travelling has achieved wonderful results for those seeking healing, focus and direction.

How I became a digital nomad

living & working on four continents

I believe travelling has a great transformative power and exploring the world is one of the most life-enriching experiences a human can encounter.

To date, I’ve visited over 50 countries, met hundreds of people from all over the world, and above all … I found my true self through embarking on an inner journey. I keep traveling the world, as I believe certain places serve us better than others and I love harnessing this unique energy, which also adds so much to my programmes. I share some of the most important life lessons I have acquired during this enthralling digital nomad lifestyle of mine with people craving the same lifestyle.

Only in the past year, I have lived and worked in several countries on different continents – including Asia, Europe, and the USA. The journey never ends…

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