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A world traveller, life explorer, digital nomad, transformational guide.


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The world is a beautiful place. Yet, so many of us never get to see its beauty as we are busy chasing money, consumer goods, and our careers. A passion for travelling has led me to have visited 50 countries across 4 continents and lived in several of them. Travelling literally changed my life and made me a true citizen of the world. I believe some places serve us better than others; therefore, I keep travelling and exploring the world and myself. I also encourage you to venture and see our beautiful planet to one day turn your journeys into wise teachings. Ready for an unforgettable voyage?



Before I embarked on my world adventure, I led a life that was seemingly successful, yet absolutely unfulfilling. Travelling opened my eyes to so many different models and concepts that I cannot imagine going back to a “normal” reality. I finally live in tune with my inner voice, following my heart and my purpose which makes everything so different, for the better! Lifestyle design is a crucial part of my programmes – if you don’t create it the way you want it, you will follow whatever was created before by someone else. And how does that relate to your values, dreams, talents, and life purpose?



I’m a life explorer and experience seeker. Yet, the longer I live the more I realise that happiness is not to be found in the number of experiences, but balancing them and living in harmony with the world and one another. I studied many schools of thoughts and extracted the best life-balancing techniques to make your every day more harmonious. From different meditation techniques through to work with the body and mind, I teach how to be in the middle as opposed to swinging to the extremes. As you’ll learn from your experiences with Miannah, the best way is the middle way!


Explore your energy centres, reconnect with your inner self, and restore balance & harmony in your life!


7-31 JANUARY 2019



“Take responsibility for the energy you bring into this space”

Dr Jill Bolte Taylor


Reinvent your purpose in life and restore inner peace and harmony, while exploring an authentic Sri Lankan experience


10-17 MARCH 2019



How can we work together?

1:1 Guiding Sessions

As much as I love working in a group and harnessing the power of the collective mind, a one-on-one approach allows us to go even deeper, getting to grips with the problem faster. This leads to figuring out the best way to move forward in much less time, devise a plan, and act upon it.

Mastermind Programmes

A mastermind group consists of several people working together regularly to achieve their individual goals, with the support, ideas and energy of each other. Masterminds connect like-minded people and allow you to take advantage of their experience, and this is priceless!

Transformational Retreats

Miannah retreats are 7-day events designed to find (or reinvent) your purpose in life, restore inner peace, balance and harmony through yoga, meditation, chakra healing, mind and body work while exploring an authentic experience of the country we visit.

Who am I?

A world traveller, life explorer, digital nomad, transformational guide.


Three years ago I left my successful, yet unfulfilling, corporate career and embarked on a world travel adventure which turned out to be a truly transformative inner journey. Today I’m still travelling – no longer to find myself though, but to learn and share my knowledge. Only in the past 12 months, I lived and worked in Cambodia, Thailand, Germany, Spain, Poland, Greece, and the United States which have all been a great source of knowledge and wisdom. And whatever I learn I teach to others through online courses, masterminds and holistic retreats around the world.

I’ve gone a long way – from a marketing manager committed to an ambitious corporate career and a conventional big-city life to a free-spirited digital nomad running my own online, location-independent business. This paved the way to leading a life of purpose and intention, all the while being committed solely to… following my heart. I help people create and implement a lifestyle they desire, find their own path, get more connected and grounded, achieve balance in their everyday existence, heal and transform their lives.

I’ve visited over 50 countries and each and every one of them has brought something to my personal growth and as a result to my programmes. I combine various techniques and approaches – from life/business coaching and leadership through to positive psychology – all of which I fuse with Eastern philosophies, meditation, and energy healing learned at the very source – Asia. This is how the idea of truly holistic, world-exploration retreats was born – combining my two greatest passions – travel and world-exploration with self-growth. Ready for a real journey?

What are others saying?


I’ve been working with people all my professional life – first in the corporate world, bringing together the realities of business tasks and human relations – as an account executive, manager, leader, and coach. For the past two years, I have been working with people on an even deeper level – combining over a decade of professional work and all I learned about mind & body work, meditation, energy and Eastern philosophies in Asia. This resulted in many live & online courses, workshops, and retreats. Here is what people who have taken part in my retreats, workshops, and courses have to say:

Thanks to Anna I realized how much I want to explore the world and that I’m able to do it – sooner than later. I’m constantly looking to widen my horizons, I read about various parts of the world and plan my dream journey. I know I can always change my life for better – no excuses! If we really want something, we can have it – with some commitment, patience and… faith in yourself and the power of self-exploration. In today’s fast-paced life we tend to forget about our own desires and many of our dreams never get fulfilled. This is how I got interested in meditation, religions and spirituality of the Far East. Thanks to Anna, I began this self-exploration journey, participating in her weekend workshop ‘Balanced in Big City’. Anna absolutely rose to the challenge – she was fully focussed on the group and managed to condense and pin down a great deal of knowledge to a few most important points. Her goal was to give us tools to use in our everyday lives. Not only was the workshop full of useful know-how, but also allowed me to meet and connect with interesting new people. Anna is a great motivator and teacher. I’m very thankful for her commitment, positive energy, and strong yet peaceful personality – all of which helped me change my life for the better.

Anna Zdebska

Participant of the 'Balanced in Big City' workshop (Krakow, July 2017)

Anna’s retreat in Thailand was my “Big Trip” not only to Asia but of my life! I discovered an Asia I haven’t known before as well as the real meaning of slow life. The most important thing though was that for the first time in my life I spent 7 full days dedicated only to myself. Journey or adventure? I cannot find words to describe it but I know one thing for sure – what I experienced in the retreat will always stay with me. Anna, thank you so much – I will be back! Kasia Pawłowska

Participant of the Koh Chang Retreat, Thailand (May 2017)

The “Balanced in Big City” workshops with Anna are extraordinary. So is the power of women attending them from whom – under Anna’s guidance – I was able to learn so much. The exercises are effective and easy-to-do in everyday life. They really bring results in being more mindful and establishing connection with yourself. It definitely is worth spending time with a valuable person to become a bit better yourself.
Agata Hogendorf

Participant of the 'Balanced in Big City' workshop (Krakow, July 2017)

The retreat in Koh Chang was an amazing journey and I recommend it to everyone. Anna created a beautiful environment for change, reflection and restoration of mind, body and spirit. This was the first time I got acquainted with the chakra system and it brought a lot of self-knowledge and understanding to my life. Anna equipped us with various meditative techniques, self-healing exercises and mind activities to find and follow our inner truth and restore life harmony. It was my first trip to Thailand and I absolutely loved it from day one. The multitude of daily activities designed by Anna to support discovery and healing process of every chakra was amazing. Thai cooking classes, Thai massage, snorkelling, exploring Koh Change as well as the neighbouring islands had a truly healing and restorative role in the whole week and I am so happy I could be part of it.

Gosia Rejmer

Participant of the Koh Chang Retreat, Thailand (May 2017)

If you want to live in a dream location in tune with your dream lifestyle, Anna’s mastermind is a must! She is the most supportive course leader I know who will provide you with a proven system on how to figure out and implement your dream lifestyle. The mastermind gave me the necessary kick to finally act and live the way I want – which I kind of lost when my babies came into being. Thanks to Anna I finally found the time and space to stop and give myself permission to take another around-the-world journey (this time with my kids) and then to change the place of living (currently France) to a paradisiacal island where I will be a wedding planner. Anna, thank you for this motivation, your openness, kindness, energy and wide knowledge – if it hadn’t been for you I would never have taken the decision to test my idea in real life. Bonne chance pour la suite (good luck) et hasta prontito! Aneta Olszewska

Participant of the 'Live in a Dream Location' online mastermind (Summer 2017)

I’ve known Anna for quite some time – we used to work in the same company back in her corporate days. Always positive, smiling, full of passion and ideas. In 2015 she decided to start traveling full-time and delve deeper into personal development, turning her life upside down. I participated in Anna’s first retreat in Koh Chang, Thailand. It was a wonderful week full of inspiration, meditation, practical knowledge and a lot of fun. The entire event was very well organized and professionally facilitated. I really recommend Anna’s retreats as I believe they can be a great start of both world and self-exploration journey. Kasia Broniarek

Participant of the Koh Chang Retreat, Thailand (May 2017)

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